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Remix contest results!

2011-10-21 07:06:01 by F-777

The results are up in this thread!

Alright people, here're the results of our remix contest!
As mentioned in the contest topic, the most important things are a clean mix, originality (adding new elements, give it your own twist) and overall catchiness.

#4: A Silver Kiss (Derrick Meyer remix): 7.8 / 10
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /446393

Awesome track, but missing that extra touch making it a winner.
Mixing is decent, intro is sounding promising, but the chorus lacks a bit of power.
The preset for the lead pluck sounds a bit blatant.

#3: Summer Ocean (MrMilkCarton remix): 8.5 / 10
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /443718

The tightest mix of all entries, as expected. It wasn't an easy choice but we put this track third because we noticed (and Nick told us) the track needed more work. The instruments used are excellent, the structure is good but the overall song lacks catchiness and variation. The main melody is played too long making the song a tad too repeatitive. The breakdown is a great addition but overall the song didn't match up to the 2 winning submissions.

#2: Mountain Flowers (RedMoon remix): 9.0 / 10
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /448146

Excellent remix of an already catchy song (Kr1z said that haha). The genre used (happy hard core) suits the melody perfectly. The mix is tight and the song structure is perfect. The new part you introduced fits in great and adds originality. The overall song is interesting and catchy from start to end, and definitely album worthy!

#1: Black Rose (B4SSfreq Remix): 9.5 / 10
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /445577

The best of all entries. We love the way you took the original song and turned it into something completely new. The bass in the dubstep parts simply awesome and very interesting. The way you changed the genre from house/electro and used the old elements like the voice samples and the melody is amazing. The song has a perfect balance between calm breakdowns and bassy parts.

To Redmoon and B4SSfreq, congrats!!
We'll contact you how to further handle this ;)

To all participants, it was a great contest, thanks for everything!
The album is going to be released at the end of this year, so stay tuned ^^

Contest - get featured on iTunes!

2011-08-13 16:00:35 by F-777

"Click Here - Official F-777 Facebook!"

- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - Contest signup thread!!!!! - - - - - - - -

Hey everyone! Our collaboration album "ReMotion Vol. 2" is approaching quickly and Kr1z and I are proposing a remix contest! The 2 (two) best remixes will be featured on the actual album itself. The album is going to be distributed via iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, etc. All revenue made by your track goes to YOU!

We take care of advertising and whoring out the album, as well as getting it in the said digital stores. You do not pay for any of that! 136 copies of the first album (ReMotion Vol. 1) and over 300 single tracks were sold, so you're in for quite a bit of money and exposure!

The rules are:
1. It must be a remix of one of our songs. You can remix ANY of Kr1z' or F-777 songs. It doesn't have to be one from ReMotion Volume 1.
2. Genre can be anything (though most songs on the album are electronic).
3. Thou shalt not use copyrighted material!
4. Upload a 1 minute demo to Newgrounds and post a link to it in this topic to enter the contest. Do NOT post the full song on Newgrounds, we don't want to give away free downloads right?
5. Deadline is Octobre 20th, 2011, 23:59:59 NG time.
6. Judging is done by Kr1z and F-777 and is based on production quality (mixing and mastering), originality, catchiness and overall appeal. Try introducing new elements that make it an actual remix, avoid the use of blatant presets and samples.
7. Midi files with melodies can be provided if needed.
8. Multiple submissions per person are allowed, however, only 1 track per person can be featured on the album.

Anyone who does not win the contest will still be given a mention and some exposure for remixing our songs and you will be allowed to post your remixes on your newgrounds pages, youtubes, or other sites.

Thanks so much everyone! LET THE CONTEST BEGIN!!!

Memories (2011 Arrangement) - F-777!!

2011-07-13 12:55:19 by F-777

I have released a new single, "Memories (2011 Arrangement)"
for only $0.20!! You can offer more than that if you would like but
that is the minimum price for it =).

Click HERE to download the full song on bandcamp!

If you can't afford the $0.20 or have no way of buying it online,
you can get it for free if you subscribe to my youtube channel
and "like" the video! (that will help me so much with promoting
it you have no idea!) Be sure to message me when your done
doing that though so i can send you the full song by email
or some other way.

Thanks so much everyone!! The full version is on youtube so
if you can't buy it you can still listen to it, but there is no free
download available.

This song is also available on "iTunes" but its up for $0.99
i can't change that price im sorry. But for iTunes users this
might be a better option for you.

ReMotion Vol.1 - Kr1z & F-777!!!!

2010-11-01 05:14:34 by F-777

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
ReMotion Album Vol.1:
- VibeDeck (NEW!!) <====
- iTunes
- Bandcamp (along with 2 extra bonus songs!!)
- Amazon.com
- A demo compilation on Newgrounds!
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

ReMotion Vol.1 - Kr1z & F-777!!!!

Kr1z & F-777 COLLAB ALBUM!! - ReMotion coming close!!!

2010-10-05 11:02:44 by F-777

Tracklist for now: (might change a little)

1. ReMotion (Original Remastered)
2. ReMotion (F-777 Remix)
3. Before Mydnite (F-777 2010 Electro Version)
4. Before Mydnite (Kr1z' 8 Bizzle Remizzle)
5. Taken (2010 Remix)
6. Brightness (2010 Remix)
7. Sky Running (Original Collab Mix)
8. Electro Dynamite (F-777 Electro Mix)
9. Black Rose (Kr1z Original Mix)
8. Summer Ocean (Original Mix)
11. Within Trust (F-777)
12. Grasping Eternity (F-777)
13. A Silver Kiss (F-777 Remix)
14. Chinese Dance Machine (Kr1z Slammin Remix)
15. F-777 Bonus track
16. Morning Light (Kr1z Original Mix)

17. F-777 Soundloud Bonus Track
18. A Hero's Life (Kr1z Breakbeat Bonus Track)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hey guys a lot of you know the talented music artist Kr1z
and some of you might remember us collabing roughly 2 years

Well we are nearing the end of our collab album "ReMotion" based
off his most popular song on newgrounds. It will be featured on iTunes,
Soundloud, and possibly a few other online stores.

We are aiming to release it November 1st! (yes that soon).

If you want to be updated when the album is released please either
leave your NG name in the comments below OR message me your
email address privately.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thanks so much everybody! I will make another newspost when the album
is released and ill will post an album preview here on newgrounds =).

Thank you all for the support! We hope your as excited bout this album
as we are! (im telling you, some of our best music we have ever made is
on this album).
- - - - - - - - - - -
(BTW below is a temporary album cover not final official cover.)

Kr1z & F-777 COLLAB ALBUM!! - ReMotion coming close!!!

Been up for 2 days......

2010-10-03 17:01:54 by F-777

Suffering insomnia, its not stress related i think its cause i have WAY too many
ideas in my head for music. Id sleep now but where im at in china in my timeframe
i have to go to school in one hour...

Yep i just made a whining post ;).

Whats the limit towards when your brain starts eating cells? 3 days with no sleep?

Have a nice day! =).

Been up for 2 days......

New picture

2010-08-11 07:13:23 by F-777

New picture up =). Still ugly as hell and actually its an old pic most
of you who talk to me on msn have seen it already but my previous
picture on newgrounds was just so annoying and i looked like a stuck
up basturd.

Anyways ill take a new pic soon, maybe ill go for a professional photoshoot
its pretty cheap here in China.


New picture

New song up - Missing You.

2010-05-22 07:25:48 by F-777

Got a new song up! Be sure to check it out =).

"Missing You - Jesse Valentine (F-777)"

Thanks everyone for all the support!
Btw you can click the link below to get my album on iTunes or Soundloud
whichever you are more comfortable with =).

==> iTunes - Destructo Dance (Single) - iTunes <==

==> iTunes - Heavenly Tears Album - iTunes <==
==> SoundLoud - Heavenly Tears (Album) <==
Contact me:
MSN: Jesse_valentine@hotmail.com
Email: Jessedude777@gmail.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/jessevalentinemusic
Im working on 2 albums at the moment and i am awaiting
for my new single "Destructo Dance" to be released on
iTunes. Let me know if you would like a message when thats
up =).

$8,700 worth gone. House broken into...3 laptops and camera gone.

2010-04-03 10:04:55 by F-777


My house was just broken into, we were broken into
about 3 weeks ago by a complex area guard but this time
3 laptops and a camera are gone.
Total = $8,700 of stuff stolen.
Anyways im trying to freelance some music work
if you need music for a game/movie or just a private
one for whatever please contact and hire me.

Also i have an album up for sale on:

Soundloud Music Store - Heavenly Tears Album
iTunes - Heavenly Tears Album

Another thing is im nearing the completion of
the "We Believe Album" if you would like to be emailed
when its out let me know by either.

1. Message your email address to me on newgrounds.
2. Email "Jessedude777@gmail.com" with your email.
3. Suscribe to my Youtube (JesseValentineMusic)

Also i will be posting a lot of songs on newgrounds for
free but i will also put up for sale as well for anyone who
wants to support.

Thanks everyone for your time. And also thank you all
for the last 3 years i have been on newgrounds you all
have helped me out with my music so much.

$8,700 worth gone. House broken into...3 laptops and camera gone.

Well im officially 17 (March 28th, 2010) and that means i have been
making music for 3 years now =).

So aaannnnyyywwwaaayyysss since its my birthday...
...if you want to give me a present...DONATE TO ME AND

...no? dang...worth a shot.
On a SERIOUS note....

If you do care about me (which i doubt you do) this is what i want
everyone to do for my birthday.

Tell at least 5 people in your life that you look up to or that you are
impressed by or has a definite talent in something that...
...they are doing a great job.

People need to hear that =).

No don't do it by email jeez come on XD.
Haha anyways if anyone does this it would really make my birthday
awesome and message me or comment on this page if you do.
(Im curious as to how many people will do it)

Thanks everyone for your time and the awesome support
for the past 3 years, it really means a lot =).