Remix contest results!

2011-10-21 07:06:01 by F-777

The results are up in this thread!

Alright people, here're the results of our remix contest!
As mentioned in the contest topic, the most important things are a clean mix, originality (adding new elements, give it your own twist) and overall catchiness.

#4: A Silver Kiss (Derrick Meyer remix): 7.8 / 10 /446393

Awesome track, but missing that extra touch making it a winner.
Mixing is decent, intro is sounding promising, but the chorus lacks a bit of power.
The preset for the lead pluck sounds a bit blatant.

#3: Summer Ocean (MrMilkCarton remix): 8.5 / 10 /443718

The tightest mix of all entries, as expected. It wasn't an easy choice but we put this track third because we noticed (and Nick told us) the track needed more work. The instruments used are excellent, the structure is good but the overall song lacks catchiness and variation. The main melody is played too long making the song a tad too repeatitive. The breakdown is a great addition but overall the song didn't match up to the 2 winning submissions.

#2: Mountain Flowers (RedMoon remix): 9.0 / 10 /448146

Excellent remix of an already catchy song (Kr1z said that haha). The genre used (happy hard core) suits the melody perfectly. The mix is tight and the song structure is perfect. The new part you introduced fits in great and adds originality. The overall song is interesting and catchy from start to end, and definitely album worthy!

#1: Black Rose (B4SSfreq Remix): 9.5 / 10 /445577

The best of all entries. We love the way you took the original song and turned it into something completely new. The bass in the dubstep parts simply awesome and very interesting. The way you changed the genre from house/electro and used the old elements like the voice samples and the melody is amazing. The song has a perfect balance between calm breakdowns and bassy parts.

To Redmoon and B4SSfreq, congrats!!
We'll contact you how to further handle this ;)

To all participants, it was a great contest, thanks for everything!
The album is going to be released at the end of this year, so stay tuned ^^


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2011-10-21 11:30:00

Sorry to laugh but I saw the same news post 3 times in a row. XD

Nice to see those results as well. Will try to give them some reviews some time too.

F-777 responds:

Thats what happens when u post under 3 accounts at the same time =D


2011-10-28 17:37:31

Woot, nice, Loved Redmoon's version, amazing work! :D
Can't really listen to B4SSfreq's version really well atm though, laptop speakers don't do very well with dubstep songs :P