Memories (2011 Arrangement) - F-777!!

2011-07-13 12:55:19 by F-777

I have released a new single, "Memories (2011 Arrangement)"
for only $0.20!! You can offer more than that if you would like but
that is the minimum price for it =).

Click HERE to download the full song on bandcamp!

If you can't afford the $0.20 or have no way of buying it online,
you can get it for free if you subscribe to my youtube channel
and "like" the video! (that will help me so much with promoting
it you have no idea!) Be sure to message me when your done
doing that though so i can send you the full song by email
or some other way.

Thanks so much everyone!! The full version is on youtube so
if you can't buy it you can still listen to it, but there is no free
download available.

This song is also available on "iTunes" but its up for $0.99
i can't change that price im sorry. But for iTunes users this
might be a better option for you.


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2011-07-13 13:44:42

FIRST, also amazing and great job :D

F-777 responds:

haha thanks so much Dj Heat!


2011-07-13 14:17:15

Whoa... This is actually VERY emotional and touching...

F-777 responds:

Thank you!! =D!


2011-07-13 15:47:21

Very interesting. Great song. Sounds like something that'd also make a great DreamTrance remix. :D


2011-07-13 16:55:26

I finally found your youtube channel and subscribed :D and like the video ((no worries about sending it to me though)) Your new works are so amazing! its incredible to hear how you develop all the time :D I mean you can do any genre and make it sound incredible, this is a testament to that!

Great works man! Way to blow me away yet again ;)


2011-07-13 17:08:42

this brings back memories happy and sad good work


2011-07-15 20:22:17

Great work, i love piano so this was just perfect!


2011-07-17 06:34:52



2011-07-28 07:26:08

i read your picture aloud and it sounded like:

F-777F-777F-777F-777F-777 F
F-777F-777F-777F-777F-777 7
F-777F-777F-777F-777F-777 7
F-777F-777F-777F-777F-777 7


2011-08-08 20:37:42

All classical and electro, no more dance from you for a long time. :(


2011-08-17 21:24:14

Finally got my paypal to work and purchased your song. I've been waiting to get it for awhile now, so glad I was finally able to download it :) love your music as always~ this song especially is very sweet. keep it up <3