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I love this haha! It makes me happy everytime.


The graphics really spoke out to me and although a lot of people will think they arn't that great i loved them =). You capture the feeling perfectly! Awesome job on this! =).

Fate responds:

:O thanks.
I'll pretend that I wasn't expecting a review from you, though, I know for a fact, that I asked you to watch this in a drunken manor, but thank you anyway, for obliging.
I know many people won't agree with the graphics, unfortunately, but...I don't agree with them much either, so we'll see how that goes.
thanks for watching, and the review...and putting up with me while drunk, haha.

Very funny.

HAHA oh man that was hilarious!! Great work =D! That really made me happier =).

JTricks responds:

Thanks for the 10/10. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. There's more to come in this style soon...

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This is cool! I don't know much about flash but im guessing this took time =P.


Definately the best game iv played on this site! Only thing i think could be better is maybe add a health bar for Lavos? When you cast a spell on him it didn't seem like you were hiting him.


Nice job on this

Its fun.

Got the classical feeling to it.

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Very Very nice! LOVE THIS!

If you look at the waveform even on NG's player tho you do have a LOT of room to make it normalised volume (louder to fit most tracks these days) without hitting a limiter threshold.
I know if you hit a limiter or compress too hard you lose the transients and the room of the actual raw music, but you do have like at LEAST +2db boost gain room without hitting that bad effect.

You have LOTS of room. I would def recommend making it louder.
(On my headphones max volume it was still too quiet so I switched to speakers to listen w loud volume. Not the end of the world HOWEVER I forgot to put volume back down and loaded a different song and it was WAY too loud like BOOM my dogs freaked out hehe).

But that doesn't affect my score. Thats just Tech issue.
Im already playing this on my piano.
I freaking love this and am adding to my favs :))).

JessieYun responds:

Hi F-777!
I’m super glad you loved it! I was always afraid of increasing the volume, but from now on I’ll make sure to pass the normalizing process. I’m still a beginner in mixing process since I just started to create music with a computer haha. Thanks a dozen for the review!

P.S. I absolutely enjoy your music!

Oh wow! I want to hear this in a game so bad! This is absolutely perfect RPG music.

Schematist responds:

I haven't had the chance to write for an RPG in a long time! Let me keep my fingers crossed! Thanks for taking the time to listen F-777!

Holy shit this is good O.O.

I am LOVING this new re-design. I hope you all enjoy my music as much as I love making it!


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