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CDM cd/1,000 favs!

2008-01-10 00:03:35 by F-777


Im currently working on a "Chinese Dance Machine" CD.

Songs: 12
Price for teh CD: $9.99

CREDIT FOR CD COVER: I want to give some special thanks to Mydnite for making this awesome CD cover! (She's the same person who made my banner =D)

CDM cd/1,000 favs!

Back from vacation!

2007-12-17 23:32:17 by F-777


1. Hello everyone! Im sorry i havn't been responding to anything lately but thats because i was on a 10 day vacation. Anyways im back now!

2. Kr1z and I have finished a third collab! Its pretty sweet so check it out when you got time.
[Kr1z & F-777] - Brightness

3. New display pic edited by my friend!


Chase1204 and I have made a collab. It's mostly by him i just helped a little bit so make sure you give him most of the credit =D.

Check it out sometime!

"F-777&Chase1204 - Time Goes On"

Back from vacation!

New collab on top 5!!!!

2007-12-01 11:00:53 by F-777

New collab by Kr1z and me made the top 5!!! Thanks everyone for your support!!!

(Kr1z & F-777) - Taken


In other news...

A list of my top 5 songs (Determined by the number of times been favorited)

1. Chinese Dance Machine
2. Before Mydnite
3. Above the Clouds
4. One Last Hope
5. Chinese Dance Machine 2

New collab on top 5!!!!

Top 5 again!

2007-11-28 01:07:22 by F-777

2 songs on the top 5?!?!? Wow! Thank you everyone!!!

Top 5 again!

Top 5!!!

2007-11-21 00:17:27 by F-777

My song "Above the Clouds" has made it on the top 5 of the week!

I want to thank everyone for your support and encouragement! It wouldn't have happened without you guys!

In other news -

1. New song up! - "One Last Hope"
(http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/107467)

2. My friend Nintechno has posted a new song called "Dreaming"
(http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/107447)

Be sure to leave him a review to help him improve! I think he has great artist potential!

3. Shandu has remixed my song "Chinese Dance Machine"!
(http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/106666)

I think its awesome let him know what you think =D.


I want to thank Mydnite for the time she spent to make this new header for my profile =D

Top 5!!!

Kr1z and F-777's collab page.

2007-11-16 16:23:56 by F-777

Kr1z and I have been working on a few collabs and we have started a new profile where our collabs will be posted.


Hope you enjoy =D.

Jesse's best songs.

2007-11-14 22:42:21 by F-777

My best songs =).

------------------(1-5 based off popularity)-------------------------

1. Chinese Dance Machine
- - - 64,007 listens - - - 510 favs - - - 6,000 downloads - - - 206 reviews - - -

2. Before Mydnite
- - - 39,377 listens - - - 424 favs - - - 8,900 downloads - - - 248 reviews - - -

3. Alone
- - - 13,364 listens - - - 269 favs - - - 3,633 downloads - - - 211 reviews - - -

4. Above The Clouds
- - - 16,791 listens - - - 181 favs - - - 3,134 downloads - - - 123 reviews - - -

5. One Last Hope
- - - 11,191 listens - - - 149 favs - - - 2,385 downloads - - - 110 reviews - - -

-------------------(5-10 my personal picks)-----------------------

1. Heavenly Tears
2. Air Fantasy
3. Flying Away
4. Drown
5. Memories 2


You guys are awesome =). Thank you everyone!!

Msn = Jesse_valentine@hotmail.com
Myspace = www.myspace.com/jessevalentinemusic

Jesse's best songs.

Song review requests.

2007-10-29 00:17:52 by F-777

If anyone would like a review on there song or some advice or somthing just pm me.

(The pic is my sister she asked me to take her picture with her nice clothes)

Song review requests.

Upcoming songs.

2007-10-21 21:46:39 by F-777

Here is a preview of what to expect coming from me.

2 Industrial songs
1 Drum'n'bass song
1 Orchestral song (This isn't definate...although i might make enchanted strings 2, a much more improved version of enchanted strings)
And im thinking of making a few ambient songs...

ALSO I HAVE DECIDED THAT THERE WILL BE A CHINESE DANCE MACHINE 3! I'm not expecting to finish it soon as i have many projects right now including two collabs. However it will be coming out maybe next month.

Now i had some people telling me that i should switch genres because my trance is getting old...


I had some other people begging me to stay in trance...


Im planning to make a few songs in other genres then go back to trance but with a slight different style. I will be using new drum sets so i can make new beats...also i will be changing my bass techniques a lot.

Anyways if anyone has any feedback to help me become a better artist please comment on this and let me know =D.

Chinese Dance Machine 2 is now out!

2007-08-24 14:25:46 by F-777

First of all i would like to thank everyone for your support and for all the reviews on my songs.

Chinese Dance Machine 2 is out and i would like to know if you think i should make a third one.

Let me know what you think! =D

Also for people wondering which of my songs are good heres a list of my top 10.
1. Broken Ice
2. Chinese Dance Machine
3. Chinese Dance Machine 2
4. Hampster Dance Remix
5. Drown
6. Dream Addiction
7. White Crystal
8. LOTR Remix
9. Infiltration
10. Crystalised Trance