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2011-08-13 16:00:35 by F-777

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Hey everyone! Our collaboration album "ReMotion Vol. 2" is approaching quickly and Kr1z and I are proposing a remix contest! The 2 (two) best remixes will be featured on the actual album itself. The album is going to be distributed via iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, etc. All revenue made by your track goes to YOU!

We take care of advertising and whoring out the album, as well as getting it in the said digital stores. You do not pay for any of that! 136 copies of the first album (ReMotion Vol. 1) and over 300 single tracks were sold, so you're in for quite a bit of money and exposure!

The rules are:
1. It must be a remix of one of our songs. You can remix ANY of Kr1z' or F-777 songs. It doesn't have to be one from ReMotion Volume 1.
2. Genre can be anything (though most songs on the album are electronic).
3. Thou shalt not use copyrighted material!
4. Upload a 1 minute demo to Newgrounds and post a link to it in this topic to enter the contest. Do NOT post the full song on Newgrounds, we don't want to give away free downloads right?
5. Deadline is Octobre 20th, 2011, 23:59:59 NG time.
6. Judging is done by Kr1z and F-777 and is based on production quality (mixing and mastering), originality, catchiness and overall appeal. Try introducing new elements that make it an actual remix, avoid the use of blatant presets and samples.
7. Midi files with melodies can be provided if needed.
8. Multiple submissions per person are allowed, however, only 1 track per person can be featured on the album.

Anyone who does not win the contest will still be given a mention and some exposure for remixing our songs and you will be allowed to post your remixes on your newgrounds pages, youtubes, or other sites.

Thanks so much everyone! LET THE CONTEST BEGIN!!!


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2011-08-13 18:56:42

lol all your songs are so fucking complicated haha, i wouldnt know where to start

F-777 responds:

Hehe as much as id love to say they ARE complicated, sadly they arnt XD.
I can send you some notes/files to a song iv made you can see i just slap
a bunch of simple ideas together.


2011-08-13 22:14:50

Hmm allrighty then...
Imma start right away!!!!

F-777 responds:



2011-08-15 14:17:24

Oh hell yeah. I'ma work on this, fo sho.


2011-08-16 01:20:55

I was possibly thinking of a remix for before mydnite, but nah. I got way too much other stuff to work on. Plus, my program i use sux XD

F-777 responds:

We are remixing BM ourselfs :D


2011-08-16 16:25:34

hi, i don't know if you got my pm but can you send me the midis for We Will Fly, Speedbreaker, and Sound of Infinity? Im not sure which one I want to remix. Thanks!


2011-08-17 06:15:19

Can I get the MIDI for Glancing Back? I also asked this in a PM.


2011-08-18 12:50:47

Alright then. I've been covering/remixing nearly all of my music time, lets see if I can herp the durp in a contest.

F-777 responds:

We need herps 'n durps :)


2011-08-19 18:41:38

Sweet. Lets do this!


2011-08-20 13:04:04

cool, can u send the midi for Speedbreaker? thanks!


2011-08-22 14:23:14

I love that you are doing this, makes it a lot more interesting to be a fan. Shame I'm not a musician on any level :p Would've been great fun to join in on this contest! And good luck to everyone participating ;)


2011-08-24 13:35:00

This is great! Can I remix Before Mydnite? If I can, please send me the notes and melodies and whatnot :P Looking forward to participating!


2011-08-24 13:50:24

Scratch that, I'd like to remix Summer Ocean. midi/melodies/notes plz <3 hearts hearts hearts kthxbai

F-777 responds:

Kr1z: I'll pm it to you ;)


2011-08-26 10:03:41

Hi, can you send me the midi of Once Again?


2011-08-26 10:04:03

D'oh, I mean Once More D:


2011-08-27 23:33:34

Keep up the awesome work :D, I've got to say you and dimrain are my favorite audio submiters on newgrounds, I hope you keep it going unlike dim where he dropped off the face of the earth :(. you're epic winning ^^


2011-08-31 00:30:33

Ah, now this is some good news. Can't wait for the new Album! Definitely going to buy it. Also did I see there's going to be yet another remix of Before Mydnite, bringing the total to 5? I liked the Original and number "3" the best. Looking forward to see what you do with it this time. Shame I'm such a n00b with FL or I'd take part in the contest...


2011-09-04 23:52:47

Remotion and Frozen words. Hit me up with those midis and stuffs when you get the chance!

F-777 responds:

Kr1z: will do :)


2011-09-07 07:15:24

Yeah! i start making the rmx right now!


2011-09-09 21:13:06

uh does it have to be fl studios?

F-777 responds:

No :) you can use any DAW you like, as long as the result is a good song =D


2011-09-18 16:29:17



2011-09-24 09:51:06

I so wish I could, but I'm terrible :D


2011-10-16 21:58:18

Dammit, I wish I knew music; I would totally do this. However, I do have high hopes for ReMotion Vol. 2. Bought Vol. 1; woot, 1 of 136 people to buy the whole album.