Albums - Before Mydnite Finished

2008-08-18 01:34:59 by F-777

----------------- BUY MY MUSIC CLICK HERE YAY =D!!!!!! ---------------
----------------- BUY MY MUSIC CLICK HERE YAY =D!!!!!! ---------------
----------------- BUY MY MUSIC CLICK HERE YAY =D!!!!!! ---------------

Hey everyone! I have taken my 12 best songs from NG and put them on an album called "Before Mydnite".

Before Mydnite Album = $9.99

1. Before Mydnite
2. Air Fantasy
3. Alone
4. After Sunset
5. Chinese Dance Machine
6. Dream Addiction
7. Drown
8. Flying Away
9. Speedbreaker
10. Broken Ice
11. Infiltration
12. White Crystal

I know you can already download these songs for free but if you would like to buy the album anyways to support me or as a donation thing or somthing i would highly appreciate it =).

Albums soon to be released with new unheard songs:

1. Chinese Dance Machine
2. Heavenly Tears

(Btw im at 1,265 favs now thank you EVERYONE for everything!!!)

(OOPS forgot credits for covers, they are made by my friend Brandon and the "Chinese Dance Machine" one is by Mydnite)
Top 5's and my 10 best songs =D.

Albums - Before Mydnite Finished


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2008-08-18 01:38:30

Awesome man, those covers look great! I cant wait to hear the new songs, keep up the brilliant work!

Btw, FINALLY you made a new post XD

F-777 responds:

Lol been like a year =O.


2008-08-18 04:39:57

What happens to you around Valentine's Day?


2008-08-18 08:38:48

Nice! :D Though I sadly don't have any spare money ;(
Nice covers! (you could have credited the authors though)

If you ever want me to dos some abstract graphics or something, just ask :)
Also... finally you post new news :p


2008-08-18 12:57:05

Did i just missed the info where to buy this cd? :D

F-777 responds:

Its the link =). Teh orange text =D.


2008-08-19 10:26:30


Is this fate or something? I had chose one of your songs, basically at random and remixed it. And now after submitting it that I find out that you have a CD out named after that song.

oh yeah, btw for everone else, I made a trance remix. Listen to it or you aren't a true fan of F-777.


2008-08-20 03:11:01

waha i c my name wooooooooooooooooooooo XD Gratz on the completion of ur CD!!


2008-08-20 21:15:53

dude what are u trying to do ? now do i have to buy three cd's and i dont have money *sob* rock on cant wait


2008-08-25 05:03:02

don't forget to mention we got something magical collab wise going on haha.


2008-09-03 12:29:45

lawl You whore xD

<3 you honey

oh i still challenged you to a beat off... or dance what ever the fuck


2008-09-03 21:05:22

omgomg whered Dota go my brother wanted to hear it!!!!!


2008-09-06 18:41:15



2008-09-08 20:35:34

Were can I get it?
NG store?
Different website?

F-777 responds: usic

thats my online store =D.


2008-09-12 03:19:34

Maek me some classical remixes, n00b!


2008-09-13 00:49:16

hey one question
you play maplestory
cuz theirs this guy named C777
if you do
im riceball
just to tell you

F-777 responds:

no thats not me =P.


2008-09-13 14:54:00

Cool. Ten dollars eh? thats.... about 6 euros. That's cool! even I can afford that! And I'm sure that it's quality, no? Your music is great. Makes me wanna make some more as well... Only problem is, my music maker program kinda died. Off to find a new one it is, then!
peace, and I'm Out.


2008-09-17 07:48:34

um.. why bother buying the album when you can download all the songs hear for free?


2008-09-17 12:05:07

well to anser your question "thedude9" the songs that are free DL are shorter and low Q man, the CD will be much better and it shows you suport this motherfucker!

btw jesse it was kinda retarded to put all your songs on NG that was in "before Mydnite" *sigh* ahhh its whatever man, My computer is down so i will hit you up some time soon, Im letting you know dude get a collab set up oh and back up files and links to the Vst page. my computer fryed out on me and went Kahboomie!

miss you man and Gratz on top 5 now you can make frount page news post... you dirty dirty whore :P oh yeah one more thing

DxR!!!! got a cut man! i found a guy that will be willing to suport it! dude its kick ass all we need is like 5 more songs, so lets do our best!


2008-09-21 09:07:41

A Tear is Shed is weekly #1