New collab on top 5!!!!

2007-12-01 11:00:53 by F-777

New collab by Kr1z and me made the top 5!!! Thanks everyone for your support!!!

(Kr1z & F-777) - Taken


In other news...

A list of my top 5 songs (Determined by the number of times been favorited)

1. Chinese Dance Machine
2. Before Mydnite
3. Above the Clouds
4. One Last Hope
5. Chinese Dance Machine 2

New collab on top 5!!!!


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2007-12-01 12:20:14

That was awesome, you guys should make more stuff like that :)

F-777 responds:

Thanks! And don't worry we will be =D.


2007-12-02 11:42:14

How's it going on this glorious day in the Peoples' Republic?

F-777 responds:

Fun fun. International swim team, skateboarding with friends, going to the gym, and making music seems to be my main lifestyle right now =D.


2007-12-03 07:32:13

Why choose listens? Before the redesign the ranks was based downloads. after all some of the 42000 chinese dance machine listeners might have listened to it once and hated it. Only those who liked it downloaded it. try to beat chaoz devotion it has 46000 downloads (more than 9 times as what was needed to get the highest rank of the old scale).

F-777 responds:

I suppose maybe. But a lot of people don't like to download stuff and crap their computers so they just listen online...

Also if the number of listens is high it probably means some people liked it and then told their friends about it =P.

Dunno i might change it to downloads...


2007-12-03 11:15:20

there's no way you're 14, you got a full on beard and stuff. Was that a typo or something?

F-777 responds:

Nope im 14. Turn 15 on March 28. Was growing and mustache when i was 12 =P.


2007-12-03 15:16:04

Yea, you should probably base it on number of downloads or something cuz, people only download it if they really like it.

F-777 responds:

Im not really sure because like a lot of people don't download cause they can just listen online =P.

Dunno i might change it though.


2007-12-03 20:13:12

Ash, I've known younger people that could grow a full goatee if they wanted, though I will admit his general appearance appears to be that of at least fifteen. Maybe that's just me, though.

Anyway, good job on those songs! People apparently really dig your stuff, and I'm not exception D:

F-777 responds:

Nope im 14! Like i said to ash i was growing a mustache when i was 12.

I do turn 15 on March 28 though. Thanks for the comment =D.


2007-12-03 20:53:43

you own

F-777 responds:

Thanks! =D


2007-12-04 05:32:56

i don't think that chineese dance machine is your best song, i like before mydnite and one last hope better, but heey all your songs are great so....:P


2007-12-04 07:33:57

re: f-777s respond to my previous comment

If people only want to hear while online then its not there favorit music and they are not trying to make it fit in their projects. If they download it they might use it for a flash or youtube project or send it to their mp3 (i had if my cellphone wasnt sent for repairs)

F-777 responds:

Hmmm maybe ill reorganise them by how many times they have been favourited...that seems to be the best way for it.


2007-12-04 17:46:40

If u really want to reorganise them, u should calculate:

x = [ (downloads) * (listens) * (score) * (reviews) ] / [days on NG]

x + 0.1 if song was on top 5!
x + 0.05 if the song was in top 35 :)
x + 0.005 if its a collab with me :D lol xD

bah nah ^^

anyway u rock keep it up!


2007-12-04 19:22:21

Ya, please don't organize it by number of downloads, I'm not allowed downloading anything from the internet anyways, but if I could I would. Organizing it by the number of favorites isn't a bad idea though.

F-777 responds:

Kk i reorganised it by favorite =D.

Only things that changed is "Before Mydnite" and "Above the Clouds" switched places and i replaced "The Hampster Dance F-777 mix" with "Chinese Dance Machine 2"


2007-12-05 01:25:38

What did I tell you man! I am a fucking psychic!

No but really, awesome stuff you've got. You will keep me posted on your future endeavors, yes?

F-777 responds:

Yes you were right!!! Or maybe it was the power of your words...QUICK SAY ALL MY SONGS WILL BE COVERING THE AUDIO PAGE NEXT WEEK!!!

Lol. And yes i will add you to my contacts so i can remember to keep you updated!


2007-12-05 05:01:56

Well done man, I was hopin my song would be on the top 5 :'[

Ah wwell, Keep it up, 3 weeks in a row :P


2007-12-05 09:04:56

Do anyone know how the "All-time Top Scoring" is calculated? You could do the same here. I'll ask Tom fulp.


2007-12-05 18:51:27

Just wondering, you get my private message? I have the funniest feeling my PMs don't work because I've gotten no response on any of them I've sent out, yours included.

Also, did your other account just leave a comment for you ><

F-777 responds:

Yes i did get it. Sorry i havn't responded i have been trying to explain to people how Fl studio works and stuff =P.

I will respond though to see if you can recieve messages.


2007-12-05 21:41:24

what are the number of favorites for each song...Just Wondering


2007-12-06 00:59:16

Before Mydnite is no.1!! Nice!! I was wondering if u would wanna collab with me i do dance too, i only have 2 songs which kinda suck but the third is awesome! im in the middle of making it, PM me if u wanna collab sometime..=D Kr1z just started but his music is awesome too! I'm so jealous XD


2007-12-06 16:51:48

If I had any idea how to make music, I'd request a collab myself xD

Yeah, my PM system does seem to be working, though. Problem, I suppose, is the people I messaged must be twats D:


2007-12-07 03:39:12

LoL ur songs r on the top 5 again!! LoL *hands a cookie!*


2007-12-10 19:58:00

i need to ask you something do you have a psp?...because if you can
put windows xp on it.


2007-12-14 04:39:04

Whats up dude? You have not responded to any PM's and have not updated at all for like a week...