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Chinese Dance Machine 2 is now out!

2007-08-24 14:25:46 by F-777

First of all i would like to thank everyone for your support and for all the reviews on my songs.

Chinese Dance Machine 2 is out and i would like to know if you think i should make a third one.

Let me know what you think! =D

Also for people wondering which of my songs are good heres a list of my top 10.
1. Broken Ice
2. Chinese Dance Machine
3. Chinese Dance Machine 2
4. Hampster Dance Remix
5. Drown
6. Dream Addiction
7. White Crystal
8. LOTR Remix
9. Infiltration
10. Crystalised Trance



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2007-08-28 13:22:19

If you add enough new themes to the 3rd one than go right ahead. If your going to use the same beat, but better instruments than forget it. Good luck with that and your indie project. Bye for now.

F-777 responds:

I get what you are saying...i got the perfect stuff planed for it =D.

Thanks for the awesome review.


2007-09-04 03:47:12

Do you really need to ask? xP

Go ahead and make it, I love that stuff!

F-777 responds:

Thanks for the comment man. Glad you like it =D.


2007-09-06 22:04:20

Leave a comment? Sure, why not...

Well, I've recently signed up this account, and though it is new, I've been downloading at the Audio Portal for years now. Or one year, at least. I can't quite remember. Anyway, Music-story is kind of on the money; this one was an expansion pack, now we need a true sequel. Something... different, but the same kind of sound, if you get me.

F-777 responds:

Ya i get you...don't worry i will work really hard on it =D.

Thanks for the comment


2007-09-15 19:43:47

WoW wtf...canada to china a lil weird!!I learned cantonese in 3 weeks shoudnt be hard for you!!I went to canada to athens,greece but you went far man!!!I hope you do kung fu so I can see you and kick ur ass in a tournament..lol!=)have fun!!!!!!!great music!!

F-777 responds:

Lol i havnt learned cantonese...thats the language they use in hong kong which isnt really China...

I have learned Mandarin Chinese which is used in 90 % of China.

And ya lol its pretty far.

I know some kung fu but im mostly into parkour like flips and stuff...

Anyways thanks for the comment =D.


2007-10-05 11:20:10

nice i love it Chinese dance machine 2 is so cool !

F-777 responds:

Thanks man glad you like it. =D