Upcoming songs.

2007-10-21 21:46:39 by F-777

Here is a preview of what to expect coming from me.

2 Industrial songs
1 Drum'n'bass song
1 Orchestral song (This isn't definate...although i might make enchanted strings 2, a much more improved version of enchanted strings)
And im thinking of making a few ambient songs...

ALSO I HAVE DECIDED THAT THERE WILL BE A CHINESE DANCE MACHINE 3! I'm not expecting to finish it soon as i have many projects right now including two collabs. However it will be coming out maybe next month.

Now i had some people telling me that i should switch genres because my trance is getting old...


I had some other people begging me to stay in trance...


Im planning to make a few songs in other genres then go back to trance but with a slight different style. I will be using new drum sets so i can make new beats...also i will be changing my bass techniques a lot.

Anyways if anyone has any feedback to help me become a better artist please comment on this and let me know =D.


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2007-10-22 09:24:51

Just want to say that Broken Ice is probably the best dance/trance song I've heard in the audio portal

F-777 responds:

Wow thanks man that means a lot to me =D.

Thank you so much for all your reviews on my songs man.


2007-10-22 22:51:25

Hey! DJP here! Thanks for the reviews mate, I appreciate em. Its late here so I have to get going but i'll get around to reviewing your songs later I promise! add me on msn!


F-777 responds:



2007-10-23 06:35:57

Thanks for all your wonderful reviews again! I'll get to yours after school today and yeah i'd love to collab. And yeah my songs on my profile aren't full-blown finished so I could always add more. You said to add background effects and stuff but I had a lot I think I just didn't bring them out enough. I was gonna do some one-liner vocals too but I couldn't find any samples :(

F-777 responds:

Anytime man. A collab would be awesome!


2008-11-11 00:23:38

Hey, Murlinster here! Just wanted to say keep on with the awesome music! And congrats on getting five of your dance songs on the front page for that genre! please make some more. Rock on!