Chinese Dance Machine ALBUM!

2012-08-28 13:34:00 by F-777

Album Link: inese-dance-machine
Youtube MEGAMIX:

Track Listing:
1. Panda Smash (0:00 - 5:21)
2. Kung Fu'd (5:22 - 11:16)
3. Shaolin Warrior (11:17 - 16:43)
4. Dragon Sphere (16:44 - 21:17)
5. Firecrackers (21:18 - 26:10)
6. Medallion (26:11 - 30:26)
7. Chinese Dance Machine 1 (30:27 - 31:41)
8. Chinese Dance Machine 2 (31:42 - 35:13)
9. Chinese Dance Machine 3 (35:14 - 38:26)
10. CDM MEGAMIX (Available on the Album)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I did making it! Over 3 months of work and experimenting (and tons of coffee!) I finally came up with this album. One thing some of you already know about me is that I currently live in China (strange awesome life I know) but I am from Canada. So of course electro, drum'n'bass etc are huge in Canada so that is what I am mainly into.

However I wanted to Mix the Tradtional Chinese music style that has influenced my composing style for many years with my electronic music style. The two styles are hard to combine but at the same time I find they really compliment each other.

For those LONG TIME listeners of mine you will probably remember the Chinese Dance Machine series I made in 2007 - 2009. I felt I should include them on this album even though they are old just because they are such a cool part of my music-making-history. Chinese Dance Machine 1 was the first song to ever get me recognition back in 2007 and it really has shaped my music world big time.

ENJOY THE ALBUM! Thank you so much everyone!!!

Chinese Dance Machine ALBUM!


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2012-08-28 13:46:19

sweet nice album

F-777 responds:

Thanks ShadowRian!


2012-08-28 15:26:04

oh my gosh a newspost from F-777 VERY RARE!!!! :O

(Updated ) F-777 responds:

Dunno why its so rare from me nowadays XD. Guess havn't been posting a lot of
NG stuff!


2012-08-29 12:25:59

I'm not going to lie, I really love the new album. It's a great work of art and an awesome thing to jam out too. From one Canadian to another, you rock man. :D

F-777 responds:

Thanks so much =).


2012-08-29 14:49:06

lol yo jessie i paid after all! best song by far: Kung Fu'd. BOSSNESS ROCKIN MA SPEAKERS!!!!!!!! F-777 FTW!!!!!!!!!!

F-777 responds:

Thank you man!! Your awesome!


2012-09-09 07:30:24

Why you no make moar songs?

F-777 responds:

but but but,....but....I make so many songs =(.


2012-09-15 22:23:04

Yo, Geoplex, this is a whole album, man! It's not free, but it's quite a bit better than the free stuff!

F-777 responds:

*advertisment* Yes its like 100 billion times better than my free stuff *advertisment end*


2012-09-17 12:50:10

Just picked it up earlier today along with some other stuff of yours I should have bought awhile ago. It's all fantastic and I can't wait to see what you cook up next!

P.S. It's disappointing you aren't in NGADM this year.

F-777 responds:

Thanks so much! Ya I was gonna sign up but that entire month I was so busy
I kept forgetting to! XD.


2012-09-21 02:35:38

I should have clarified that I meant upload (to NG), Opportune.

F-777 responds:

Well iv uploaded some more just for you buddy! =D


2012-09-25 14:13:02

Excellent, I recently started browsing the site again so I'm very glad to see you're still around and making excellent music! Purchased the album as well ;)

F-777 responds:

Thanks Jindo!!!


2012-09-26 17:47:07

I want to buy this trace so badly for only one song and one fucking song only!!
Kung Fu'd, simply amazing and love the bass and lead! :D

F-777 responds:

Thanks so much! =)


2012-09-28 16:24:07

It's funny how you're Canadian and live in China. I'm Chinese and live in the US. Great music, as usual.

F-777 responds:

Pretty awesome world we live in! And thanks so much!!!


2012-09-29 21:58:35

I want this album! U rock!

F-777 responds:

No YOU rock!


2012-10-24 07:08:02

Americans say they make better dubsteps you are the only proof we have that we are better at making dubstep


2012-12-20 15:17:12

Um tis um tis, Keep it real sexy Jesse!


2012-12-20 15:17:45

oh by the way Anthonty - f777 is from canada


2013-03-10 01:47:44

Hey, I'm not sure if you do "fan requests" but I've noticed that you make some second version of your song (such as Dark Angel 2 and Viper 2). Anyway, your song This Isn't Science Rocket is one of my favorite electronic songs of all time. Trying to convey to you how awesome I think it is would be too difficult to do with mere words so hopefully you can just imagine how I feel about it. The interesting part is that sometimes I used to listen to the song for very long stretches while doing certain things (for example coding games or researching for school) and now whenever I do those things I always just think of your song. It's gotten to the point where it actually stirs emotions in me when I hear it. So basically I was just wondering if you could make "This Isn't Science Rocket 2." I think no matter what you do there it would be awesome and I would really appreciate it.

F-777 responds:

You know what? I think I shall do that!


2013-03-11 02:28:41



2013-04-27 21:50:32

Why not release the music for no-one has to die? I really like the music from the game.