New song up - Missing You.

2010-05-22 07:25:48 by F-777

Got a new song up! Be sure to check it out =).

"Missing You - Jesse Valentine (F-777)"

Thanks everyone for all the support!
Btw you can click the link below to get my album on iTunes or Soundloud
whichever you are more comfortable with =).

==> iTunes - Destructo Dance (Single) - iTunes <==

==> iTunes - Heavenly Tears Album - iTunes <==
==> SoundLoud - Heavenly Tears (Album) <==
Contact me:
Im working on 2 albums at the moment and i am awaiting
for my new single "Destructo Dance" to be released on
iTunes. Let me know if you would like a message when thats
up =).


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2010-05-22 13:52:16

Good song, not your best but it's still nice ^^.


2010-05-22 16:23:12

Hey, I like the new song, but as the person below me said, its not your best. Some different sounds that were not used to hearing from you, which is cool. I liked the chord progression on it too.

Btw, what ever happened to the "remix my song" thing you were doing?


2010-05-22 18:57:36

Forget what others have said. It's among your best. Defiantly not the usual style, but considering the Electro kick you've been on, it's great. Even NOT considering it, it's great. Keep it up.


2010-05-24 00:07:56

How nice ^,^ lol her name is so similar to yours

Jesse & Jessica don't get confused people


2010-06-11 11:43:06

man i listened to your stuff and its amazing,i hope to be as good as you one day!


2010-06-29 16:21:46

Is Destructo Dancer finished?? and is the other album We Believe?


2010-07-11 18:46:50

Recently you've been putting up no free music at all and the music you are selling now sucks compared to your old '08 - '09 submission. Did you get hit in the head or something?!?!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

F-777 responds:

iv posted 111 free songs on this site and i like my iTunes stuff =).

But i dont go on peoples newsposts and complain that theres only 111
free songs up and like 14 on iTunes and then say they suck like i
have no life. Not only that, my heavenly tears album IS from 08 and 09.

Did you get hit in the head or something?


2010-07-12 13:57:58

There's plenty of free stuff on here, and also look for Jesse's colabs with other people. They are pretty good, and well worth the searching. Over all, Jesse's music has improved, DRASTICALLY. He's tried new things, some better than others, but overall expanded his base of musical knowledge, and his new stuff rocks.

I'll answer one of those questions so he doesn't have to:

Yes, the Destructo Dance track is complete, but you can only get it on iTunes.


2010-07-30 05:24:32

Yer cool man!