(3,000 favs reached!!) & I want to remix your song! "Remixing Newgrounds".

2010-02-07 06:28:53 by F-777

------------------- "Remixing Newgrounds - F-777" --------------------------------

Hey everyone!! Im starting this new crazy idea...
- (dunno if its crazy whatever sounds fun) -
...of going on a remix spree of newgrounds songs!

If you want your song remixed MESSAGE ME!
(in subject of message add "remix me" and a quick brief comment
you would like said in the remix comments when i post)

1. Must have a distinct melody (i can't just remix background music
or a beat it must have a tune).
2. It can't be a remix of a remix you did. It must be your original melody.
3. If i don't remix you can't hate me cause i think im limiting myself to 30 remixes
and if i get more requests then that i dunno if ill go that far.
4. Must be a song you have posted on newgrounds.

Ways you will benefit:
- I will be putting your song link in the comments so hopefully
that will get your song more traffic =).
- As the series gets bigger more people will look back to the remix
of your song so this will help you for quite a long time as the series
goes on.

Some random other news...

I passed 3,000 favorites! thanks so much everyone!!!!
For everyone wondering how to get my Heavenly Tears Album you can get it on
one of the following links =).

Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/heave nly-tears-2009/id349172317
Soundloud: www.soundloud.com/jessevalentinemusic
Also theres a FAKE youtube thats "www.youtube.com/jessevalentineF777" pretending
to be me!!! my REAL youtube is "www.youtube.com/jessevalentinemusic". Thanks everyone!

(3,000 favs reached!!) & I want to remix your song! "Remixing Newgrounds".


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2010-02-07 06:38:45

Neat idea!
I just pm'ed you for a song which you could remix. (:
Good luck with it!

F-777 responds:

Your in!


2010-02-07 06:59:09

Indeed a neat idea. And a good way to give some indie artists popularity as well!

F-777 responds:

Thanks! ya the point of this is to
help people get noticed through
people following this series =).

(btw your in!)


2010-02-07 07:02:31

holy shit, you're popular lol.

congrats on reaching 3,000. Looking forward to hearing more!


F-777 responds:

Lol thanks man!
Definately remixing your song in this!


2010-02-07 07:35:31

Yeah sure great idea! I m gonna send u one buddy :)

F-777 responds:

Awesome!! Thanks!


2010-02-07 08:08:11

Sounds fun - allow me to send a message!

F-777 responds:



2010-02-07 08:54:43

Request sent...Hope you can join in the Abnormality Project :D...Love your music man keep up the awesome work

F-777 responds:

Will check into it!
Thanks i will pm you when your remix is up =).

Thanks so much!


2010-02-07 10:20:54

Awsome Jesse! You really have so much potential at 16 (: Now if I could only get off "0 Users with you on their favourite artists list" XD ahaha

And feel free to remix any of mine ^^


2010-02-07 12:45:01

Hey man, I just sent you my song. Hope you like it!


2010-02-07 13:45:56

Request sent :D. Hope you like mah song and can remix it dude.


2010-02-07 16:41:34

WHAT?! 3000 FAVS. WTF.

LOL, i thought it was cool when I got 100! xD


2010-02-07 23:36:10

Your next Goal is 1 million. :D


2010-02-08 10:37:15

Awesome sauce. =3

I PM'ed you as well if your interested.


2010-02-08 13:50:21

I may get back to you on this...no promises though :P


2010-02-09 17:28:27

Cool idea, just seems as if you get a major bunch of songs on ur shoulders now. if that is proper english


2010-02-10 10:45:35

Damn, nice.

well em, ive givven up making music awhile ago to go to judt DJing.
but im sure a remix couldent hurt 8D. i would say any of my few songs could be good for remixing... perhaps i gets in? 8D


2010-02-12 23:12:48

I just PM'd you w/ a song, but it appears that I'm late. I really hope you might find some time for it! Congrats on the fans! (I'm one!!)
~IceMasterDlux ><>


2010-02-15 05:22:15

+3,000 :O
thats way more then i might ever reach in my life XD
only have 10 favorites at the moment...
but well... im happy with 10 already :P

and you deserve it... you have a few very great songs
i have been on your list for quite some time too :D

also you can feel free to remix my music... (a few melodies are not fully mine though)
but the melodies are probebly not good enough or you have no inspiration for them
but if you like any of them your free to use them


2010-02-15 21:18:16

IT'S OVER 3000!!!!! *scouter snaps in two* lol jk
anyways....i just read this and......


But seriously though, remix anything on my list if you want....hell...i actually WANT you to remix one of my songs. Remix Light of the World and make me cry hahaha ^_^v


2010-02-26 12:07:56

Haha, congrats! You deserve it, man...

Keep up the good work! I'd ask you to remix one of my songs, but my songs suck. The only one with a good melody has so many notes in it that you'll have to be a musical god to figure them all out...


2010-03-02 14:40:23



2010-03-10 02:46:27

Hey man,

That blows about the imposter... but I don't think it will hurt ya seeing as they say 'fan' in the top banner before going on to say that they're you lol...

I think it's great what you're doing.. spreading the benefits around in the NG way. I'll want to do the same one day when I finish my own tracks! (I'm so slowwww) lol :x

Looking forward to seeing the results from this experiment of yours! You're a true artist. :)

- Chris


2010-03-14 13:20:11

I'm considering taking this offer, but most of my originals aren't very good to begin with... The audio is sort of MIDI-ish, and I didn't have enough tracks in them. Maybe you could "de-crap-itize" one for me?
On a side note, I'm making a music game (think Guitar Hero with keyboard), and I was wondering if I could use one of your songs? I'm thinking "Before Midnyte", if that's OK with you.


2010-03-14 13:26:04

In response to my previous comment, I'm thinking of using a different song. Midnyte is great, but it's a bit too repetitive for a music game. I'll see if there are any others that use a lot of keyboard.


2010-03-21 15:07:48

That's a lot of work there man.
30 remixes, well if you feel like doin' it, could you remix my track "Lift"?
Or just listen to it or leave a review? Thanks if you do =)


2010-03-25 11:19:09

go remix my shit and have fun :P


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2012-07-07 09:21:56

I don't know if you are still doing remixes but I would really like you to remix my song Echo x3