Going on iTunes =).

2010-01-10 04:56:32 by F-777

Hey everyone! I have gotten lots of messages from people
saying that they can't get my album due to the fact that they
can't figure out how to use the "Soundloud" site so i am awaiting
the acceptance of my album entry to iTunes.
- Heavenly Tears Album (Awaiting acceptance to iTunes)

If anyone wants to be updated when its on iTunes let me know!
You can pm me your email or i can just send to your newgrounds
account =).

- Thanks so much everyone!! Everyone's feedback helps so much and i wouldn't be
where i am at without the help of everyone! I am still working on a lot of songs more
and more are getting closer to getting finished so 2010 will be a busy year for me and
i will hopefully be posting more songs this year then in 2009 =).

Thanks again!
Msn: Jesse_Valentine@hotmail.com

Going on iTunes =).


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2010-01-10 05:09:05

MSN me when I can buy it ;)

F-777 responds:

W000! You don't have to though =).


2010-01-10 05:09:19

About time you get put into something big.

If iTunes doesn't accept the album, lemme know and I'll kick them in the shin.

F-777 responds:

XD thanks man!


2010-01-10 05:15:55

that's a poor album cover =(

F-777 responds:

It's an old one =(.


2010-01-10 05:51:27

Mwa ha ha.
I need not wait, I managed my way through the mess that was Soundloud.
Well worth the buy, to anyone who isn't sure.

F-777 responds:

Thanks for buying my album man!!! =).
Also thanks for the nice comment about it!


2010-01-10 07:43:02

My friends a DJ and he hasn't been accepted, apparently you have to be in some store to purchase before you can just download it from the internet.

F-777 responds:

Iv been on an album before thats been accepted onto iTunes its called "Synthetica". I know how to get on iTunes don't worry about that ;).

- Does you DJ friend make his own music? Or does he just DJ/remix other peoples songs? If he just DJ's and remixes other people's songs then ya he will be rejected due to copyright laws if he doesn't have special permission from the original makers.

- Also whats his name? Maybe i can message him and help him out.


2010-01-10 11:42:54

He makes his own music, but he's just not that good xD


2010-01-10 13:20:45

Congrats !
Hope you get accepted :)


2010-01-14 22:58:47

Can't wait! xP
But the guy does have a point. The album cover does seem to have a rather old fashion layout. i would sugest having the text uncentered, smaller, and with a different font and it would look great.


2010-01-15 05:52:30

Oh AWESOME!!! It's up on iTunes already!! I thought it would take months!!!

Great work Jesse!! I REALLY love your music!! You are AMAZING!!! I would honestly chose to listen to any of your music over anything else!!!


2010-01-18 17:44:07

awsome! I most certainly look forward to it ^^


2010-01-18 21:01:15

Fantastic album, will be listening to it for quite some time. I love your work, exponentially.