Im not dead =).

2009-11-29 12:13:58 by F-777

Haha so many people have been asking me if
i quit music or if im having major music block.

Well actually iv been making more music than
i have before in my entire life =).

I have 70+ unfinished songs now and i have some
crazy goal to finish 26 of them this week. Im not rushing
them iv spent over 10 hours on almost each of them
already but i need to get them done.

Thanks everyone who have supported me and bought
my album it has helped a lot! (Im trying to finish the
"We Believe Album" as well).

Anyways ill be posting a LOT more songs in these coming weeks =).
Heavenly Tears Album:
Thanks everyone!

Im not dead =).


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2009-11-29 12:38:42

Wow, 70?

That's a lot, I hope it turns out great for you :3


2009-11-29 13:15:49

can't wait!


2009-11-29 13:24:40

what ever happend to the album art thing and the collaboration cd that was goin on


2009-11-29 13:27:43

Holy Hay-soos Christo! That's alot of songs! I can't wait to see how the album comes out. Good luck! :)


2009-11-29 21:21:50

Yay for the living dead!~ Braaainssss. *coughs*

Anyway, Good luck with all your work... I would loose my mind if I tried workin' on 26 songs in a week..


2009-11-30 13:50:48

Can I add a rmx song to the we believe album?


2009-11-30 18:33:10

I designed that cover! :D


2009-12-03 00:28:22

LoL he lives~!


2009-12-09 22:39:18

good to know your still cranking out tunes you should send me updates like you used too though (i liked what you did with the lion king remix)


2009-12-15 16:02:27

where can i buy all your albums i need them for christmas soooobadly


2009-12-16 11:09:47

Wow! 70 Songs!
that good for one album!
and that artwork looks good to for the album cover!


2009-12-30 23:38:29

So Jesse taking my idea about the "We Believe" Album? like insted of being called "song 1 - ???" give them one word tittles like "love, loyalty, lust, happiness, passion, serendipity, serenity."

that be cool my dude. ether way hit me up in MSN or myspace to chat it up mr. zombie pants


2010-01-01 13:08:13

Thanks for making ur music place newgrounds so i can have awesome free music!!!!!