Heavenly Tears Album! - F-777

2009-03-20 01:23:09 by F-777

Hey my Album is finally out!
If you want to go grab one
- Click Here -

Track Listing:
1. Heavenly Tears - - - - (Available on Ng)
2. When a Tear is Shed - - (Available on NG)
3. Never Fading
4. Deep Inside
5. In Your Arms
6. The Darkness
7. In The Air
8. Above All
9. Sonar Equilibrium
10. Rise of the Nation
11. Streaming Daylight
12. Revealing Starlight
Price: $9.99
- Click Here to Go Get One! -

Thank you everyone for
the support!
Keyboard fundings so far: $183.20

Heavenly Tears Album! - F-777


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2009-03-20 03:49:52

Congrats on the album


2009-03-20 07:56:56

is there any way we can get a card...copy...version of this album?


2009-03-20 11:58:51

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WHAT THE FUCK. there is two links to it. IS this a scam to get people to buy it twice!?!?!?!?!? ? ?


2009-03-20 15:27:04

Apperently you can 'Grab' one and 'Get' one. That's the difference :)


2009-03-20 17:06:49

music on this albulm is freaking great.


2009-03-20 19:42:13

Can your favorite reviewver get one free? *w*

*runs away*


2009-03-23 00:44:05

Congratulations on the album and young success.

Diversify your sound and don't pump out music for the sake of feeding media to your listeners. You're new work carries many of the same synth sounds, are typically shorter in length, and the drums don't vary much. I get their from the same album and whatnot, but reaching out and experimenting is a big part of the fun of making music.

Beware the pitfalls of industry music. :O

F-777 responds:

Lol thats what i tell other people ;).
Yes my album is to keep the same overall
feel but its got diversity and it is different
from a lot of my songs ;).

Thanks for the comment.


2009-03-23 22:43:15

oh, when I said 'card copy' I meant 'hard copy'.
like....a proper album, with a CD case, 'n' all.
is there any way?


2009-03-25 12:08:33

Awww, this is awesome. I hope you get to where your going in life. Although I do NOT know you.....I'm so proud. T-T

Good luck with all future endeavours! :D


2009-03-26 15:05:00

hmm looks like i'll have to eaarn some money... Hey, if you don't mind me asking, why are you in China?


2009-03-28 00:35:14

happy birthday dude, your now a day older XD


2009-03-28 23:46:23

So like...is this site trustworthy? and are you sure of it?
I have a hard time trusting much more than Amazon & Newegg & the like...

F-777 responds:

More trustworthy then iTunes ;). You can read their licenses and stuff =).


2009-03-28 23:47:40

And hey, damn lol congrats dude, congrats!!


2009-03-31 08:00:37

Yeah congrats with your 33rd B-day


2009-04-01 16:55:31

hmm, here's a stupid question:

how could you live in China and still be on Newgrounds before today?

F-777 responds:

its still blocked in china btw and i use a proxy.


2009-04-02 08:04:54

Ever heard about April fools joke?


2009-04-03 18:20:02

Well, China DOES block Newgrounds.
And Jesse simply uses a proxy, obviously :p


2009-04-04 22:52:41

How is it possible for you to be on Newgrounds. I'm confused. It's blocked in China, and has been for awhile now.


2009-04-04 22:53:01

Oh my god, nevermind, I didn't read.


2009-04-05 01:24:23

Where in Alberta did you live? I live in Sylvan Lake, just outside of Red Deer, Alberta.


2009-04-10 21:30:12



Sorry I couldnt contact you by msn ^^'

ENJOY!!! ^_~