Heavenly Tears Album!!!

2009-03-18 15:07:33 by F-777

"Heavenly Tears Album" is finally finished =).
Im so tired right now so ill post details later
but heres where you can go grab one ;).

http://www.soundloud.com/jessevalentin emusic

Thanks everyone =).

Heavenly Tears Album!!!


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2009-03-18 23:10:41

Very Nice Jesse! I cant wait to here it! and dont forget people

DxR is got a song! check it out! Jesse and Ashley Rocking your headphones!

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/222130


2009-03-19 13:04:53

For gods sake man shave the MUSTASH! dude that that picture is not that flattering! XD you try me one with out the creepy pedophile fuzz will complement you more. And you look like a bad ass skater and not some ones Grodie ass uncle.


2009-03-19 13:06:17

*cough* Yo Try one with out

thats what i ment not you try me one... i blame the my stubbie fingers and bad typing skills


2009-03-19 14:29:12

Freaking ashley! LOL. Good stuff Mr jesse!


2009-03-19 18:35:52

Awesome man! AND WOW to be 15 you have a fucking solid mustash!


2009-03-19 23:39:24

Cool! I'd say that you oughtta make an album for the 'We Believe' series... Those are awesome. Some cool unreleased songs too ;D