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2009-02-20 03:34:23 by F-777


- - - - - - - - - - "Feelings of Music" - Contest!!! - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hey everyone i thought i would hold a contest here ;).
I always wanted to make a really fair contest for NG for
people who feel like they don't want to enter a contest
because they are new or not very known etc. etc.
1. Must have a deep emotion it can be victory/sadness/
happiness or anything but it REALLY has to be expressed.
2. NO TRANCE (Or anything related)
So thats it you have a lot of freedom you can do pretty
much anything but im eliminating trance/dance/techno
for this one =).

I want to hear emotion i want to hear that power through
music that just gives you shivers its so powerful or just
brings you out laughing because you remember a good
time you had =).

This isn't going to be party music or something to go head
banging to this is going the kind of music that makes you
want to cry or laugh or just gaze off into nowhere.
Deadline: March 28, 2009 (My birthday haha)
Judges: Pm me if you want to be a judge i will need a lot of
judges cause the more judges the more real the voting will
be =).
Link to the BBS thread: 30780
List of Judges So Far:
1. Wyldfyre1 (Ng's #1 Reviewer 2,500+ reviews ) --
2. Druids-Warcry (640+ reviews) --
3. Cyberdevil (2,250+ reviews) --
4. DarkRider2000 (720+ reviews)
5. Arphenius (Only 9 reviews but hes a really good judge)
6. Sungazer (9 reviews)
7. Kr1z (460+ reviews)
8. Aldlv (591+ reviews)
9. MilkMan-Dan (89 reviews)
10. Umsldragon (92 reviews)
11. j55593 (98 reviews)


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2009-02-20 04:08:37

Sounds nice, I don't think I'd make it anywhere near the supremacies with my insufficiant musical skillings, but I shall throw something together. Did you get my GTA 3 PM? A reply would be appriciated. ;)

F-777 responds:

I got it gimme a min sorry haha iv been busy.


2009-02-20 04:51:43

whuhat? :(

F-777 responds:

Contest 8D!


2009-02-20 06:37:29

Sounds great I'm on.

F-777 responds:

awesome =D!


2009-02-20 07:08:20

T_T If only I knew how to use my damn music program... Then I'd show everyone.


F-777 responds:

Which one you using?


2009-02-20 09:07:06

Hmm... Sounds interesting. Obviously genre is kind of limited but is there a minimun time requirement as well? I'd love to join. It's been awhile since I've written anything and there's nothing like a little competition.

F-777 responds:

Song just has to be finished before March 28 =).


2009-02-20 10:00:16

I'm the youngest of them all, in ng age and real age yet I already did that many reviews.......X3

F-777 responds:

Reviewing is a great way to help other artists =).


2009-02-20 13:20:11

now I'm not...I think....well I'm still one of ng's best reviewers :3
one day I'll review all your song......just you see, when will it be?....thats up to you :P

F-777 responds:

Haha you don't have to review all my songs man.


2009-02-20 16:57:16

seeing your name on things like this make you feel important

hope to see a lot of ppl entering here =D

F-777 responds:

Important?! w00h00! haha!


2009-02-25 19:36:50

Not to sound like a douche, but the majority of Cyberdevil's reviews are only one or two sentences. Everyone else actually puts some thoughts into their reviews. So there's no reason to put up his review count. AND HAVE FUN JUDGING :3

(I just thought it should be said. I'm sure Cyber knows his reviews are minimal. lol)

F-777 responds:

Haha maybe it is so but im just putting the review numbers up for everyone and also he has given me some reviews that have really helped me out but ye a lot of his reviews are short but i still owe him a lot of thanks =).

Love your music dude.


2009-02-26 09:32:28

whaaaaat????!!!!! no Prize no reward Not even 10 cash?????!!!

so what do we get if Someone Wins?

F-777 responds:

A TON of attention =).


2009-02-26 22:58:39

this sound good!
if i made it into the judges list, i will be the youngest!!

F-777 responds:

Your on =).