This might be Goodbye...

2009-01-19 04:59:29 by F-777

Hey as you all know the projects i have been working on such as "Heavenly Tears Album" and "We Believe Ep.6 & 7" are going to be on major hold =(. My life just had a huge conflict, one that i don't think i can get over, and if i don't change this post within a month then im gone forever ='(.

I want to thank everyone for all the support you have been and how awesome you all were just in case this is goodbye ='(.

Thank you ='(.

January 19, 2009

*Edit* (And no im not pulling a "Dj-Immune trip" this is something serious in my life that i have to take care of and if i can fix it i will be back)

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2009-01-19 05:06:47

man :( i hope u can get over it....good luck.


2009-01-19 05:40:15

bummer man
well you take care then alright?


2009-01-19 05:52:21

Dude, take a break if ya need to.

We all need some time to ourselves every once and a while, right?

But as for goodbye.... I wouldn't give up drawing even if some cut out my eyes and cut off my hands!

I draw blind pictures with my bloody knubs if i had to. Point is don't ever stop doin what makes you happy. It kinda defeats the purpose in life ya know. Your music is well composed and with each piece you make they get better and better.

I'd like to hear more from ya in the future, you chinese canadian, you.


2009-01-19 05:53:28

Who are you.


2009-01-19 06:06:27

So what you're going to sit around and do nothing for the rest of your life because of a 'conflict?'



2009-01-19 06:57:14


Seriously dude, your music is great, don't give up because of something going on in your life. Take a break, just not for ever! I want to keep listening to your master pieces, I love them! Come on man, I don't want you to leave.


2009-01-19 07:29:43

If music is some thing you love, dont stop it... just come back to it. fans or no fans music helps you let shit out. so Emo all over your computer homie! just let it be tears not blood :P *hugs* i love yeah man


2009-01-19 07:50:16

goodbye we will all miss you


2009-01-19 08:11:15

I wish you all the best. You'll be in our prayers and thoughts.


2009-01-19 11:03:09

Everything will work out man. Don't worry


2009-01-19 11:49:49

:( goodluck!
You'll do the right thing.


2009-01-19 12:17:01

dude what happened?? u're too young and too good at this to be gone 4ever! whatever that conflict is, life is too short to take a long break ;) so, cheer up and I hope you'll be ok soon. I luv ur music!!!


2009-01-19 14:50:59

I have no idea what's going on, and I don't think I'll ever know. But I want you to know that there is a large group of people you know that will be here to support you at any time when you need it. As you know I'm always on msn, if you want to talk about anything, hit me up.

Good luck man. I hope things sort out.


2009-01-19 14:54:29

If ITS SOMETHING THAT BIG FOR YOU TO HOLD MUSIC THEN I CAN UNDERSTAND.Good luck and i hope you can get over it and move on.Either way you go ill support you in any way i can.


2009-01-19 15:15:20

dont suicide, dude. im sure you can get through it. just have hope, man.


2009-01-19 21:41:52

man, I'm sorry to hear that. You know I've been a big supporter of your stuff always man, and I'm really sorry to here about that (whatever it is). Like Punisher you'll be in my prayers, and I hope you can figure it out.

You might not believe any of what I'm about to say but I dont care. I love writing music, anything big enough to make me stop would be huge. I've got a feeling the same goes for you. But there is a God, a real one, who controls everything. Sometimes he puts really hard times in our lives to wake us up to his presence and slap us in the face. You can't live a complete life without him, and you need him desperatley, because you and everyone you know, are sinners, people who have broken his law. You have no way of being "Good enough" before God, And if you don't right things with Him before you die, you're going to Hell. Think of what your going through right now, multiply it by 100 and then imagine it going on forever. Thats Hell, the real thing, not the cussword. Sounds pretty bad? thats because it is. but God loves all of us so much, that he sent his only Son to earth. His son was the only human being ever to live a perfect life, the only person that earned the right to go to Heaven, but this also made him the only person who was capable of bearing the wrath and punishment of God. So he took our punishment, our trip to Hell for us, becuase he loves us so much, more then anyone else ever could. And now, as long as we accept his gift of salvation, we too can go to be with him, where he is in Heaven. But if we don't, were going to Hell, to pay for our own imperfectness for forever.

Now I probably just totally confused you so if you have any questions, feel free to PM me (though it sounds like you won't be doing that anytime soon). If you can't do that, I beseech you to go talk to some other Christian people (if you can find any), and please watch this video for me ryE98

Remember, you could walk outside your house today and be hit by a car and die...and go straight to hell, so this is something you seriously need to consider right now, not later.

Plaese consider what i just said. And to All you people who read this, the same goes for you. I'll probably get alot of Spam messages for this, but I don't care, if you end up listening to me man, it'll be totally worth it.

You're in my prayers, God Bless! - Cobra151


2009-01-20 00:46:54

hey Bjra, your a retard... its not 50 who said that it was Jay Z off the Grey albem


2009-01-20 21:54:52

dude i love ur songs, dont give up


2009-01-20 22:17:26

aw it must be real serious when it stops you from doing what you love. well do what you gotta do to get your life back on track and if things dont work out take a break from the madness but not forever, you have MANY fans that support you no matter what including me. i mean, you've really amazed us with your work and everytime i heard your songs they just blew me away. i always thought you would be a famous artist one day but its your decision and if its goodbye then we'll all miss you and your music :( god bless


2009-01-20 23:23:03

I'm a brand new fan of yours, now what in the hell is this about!?
No conflict can be that big, just tough it out & when it's over, say HELL YEAH!
I don't care what it is, every person has the power to overcome problems.
Peace & Good luck -Monkeyman


2009-01-21 01:03:06

What?!?! I JUST favorited you as my fav artist today....and now i read this...dont quit...its a waste of a talent. Well i hope that everything goes alright with you and that you fix all your problems you are facing.


2009-01-21 01:12:43

Hope everything goes ok~! Take care~!


2009-01-21 02:09:09

Hey man, just got directed to this from a friend. I've listen to a couple of your tracks, I have got to say you have some serious talent. Too many people have lost their aspirations. No one strives to create anything anymore. You do though, and though you've only been writing music for a short time you've already got incredible talent. It would be a shame for you to stop any time soon.. And whatever it is that's happening in your life, you should know you have an outlet to express yourself with. I hope you can get through these tough times. No bodies hardships are any easier to face than anothers, we only live one life, and any tragedy is a tragedy that breaks us. I hope you can get through it, and continue to create.
Sincerely, Aaron.


2009-01-21 05:01:01

Awww don't quit jesse. There are a lot of ppl that love your music and respect you as a person. If you need to talk were all here for ya. Just don't quit making music. Your a talented person and i also know your a kind person. Were all backing you up 100% no matter what my friend.