We Believe MegaMiX

2008-12-07 10:39:16 by F-777


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---"We Believe MegaMix"---

We Believe Ep.1 - Completed
We Believe Ep.2 - Completed
We Believe Ep.3 - Completed
We Believe Ep.4 - Completed
We Believe Ep. 5 - In progress
We Believe Ep. 6 -Not started
We Believe Ep. 7 - Not started

---"We Believe MegaMix"---

A youtuber known as Xmillsa has made a cool
video putting the first 3 episodes together =).
Check out his channel he basically finds songs
he likes and asks for permission to post on youtube
to help artists get more attention =).
Jesse Valentine - We Believe Ep. 1, 2, & 3.

We Believe MegaMiX


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2008-12-07 13:14:58

Bai! Have fun :D

Where you going anyway?


2008-12-07 16:32:01

Explains :(


2008-12-08 19:42:48


I NEED you to send me your custom choir synth from nexus NOW!!



2008-12-13 05:45:30

Helluw welcome back :)


2008-12-15 06:03:04

your absence has given me withdrawals


2008-12-16 07:47:24

hey jesse Happy Holidays~! ur MegaMix's are awesome :]


2008-12-18 16:05:13

thx jess! <3 ^_^v


2008-12-31 18:00:31

Your megamix is awsome enough just to dance for New Years!!!!!!!

I wonder what you got for your Christmas and I wonder what you are doing for New Years in China and what suprize will you get for us to be awe shock (got a cute girlfriend to show pictures with) or made a song that was too great to be slience about it!


2009-01-03 02:59:32

I swear to god I'm going to kill myself waiting for ep. 5. Please don't rush it but please release it!!!!!!! gAHHHHh!!!!!!!!


2011-06-16 00:07:33

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