Off to Thailand.

2008-09-21 21:14:41 by F-777


Gotta go pick up some acutane (google it its
kinda embarressing to explain what it is) which
kinda sucks cause i won't be able to respond to
ur pm's for a while and also...


My health care is covering everything except
the plane that sucks im being set
back 500$ =(.

Anyways if anyone wants to help me out i have
my album Before Mydnite for sale which only 2
people have bought so far cause the songs are
on NG anyways =P.

My Store

I want to thank the 2 people who bought it though.
Your both awesome!

Also thanks everyone who helped support my song
"When a Tear is Shed"! Seeing it as #1 on the weekly
best has encouraged me a lot and i got some good
stuff cookin for when i get back ;D.

See you NG in a week!

Off to Thailand.


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2008-09-21 22:41:18

congrats dude I'm glad i could help with your weekly winner. Hope you have a good trip. Stay cool dude. P.S. this is duskdriver.


2008-09-21 22:58:25

I'd give you some money if i had some on me, your music is awesome


2008-09-22 01:39:59

Dude, as far as acne goes. I've got it the worst. I'm like... A giant pimple myself... >.<' xD So don't be embarrased. It's part of growin' up. Though mine should be going away, but it's being stubborn. =[ See you on MSN when you get back man. =]



2008-09-22 08:15:24

I've had acutane as well D: I'm not a pill person though, so i kinda missed a few days, and now I've stopped completely until whenever i want to start again.

Good luck with the trip. It's too bad you have to go to such great lengths for that.


2008-09-22 08:20:44

A few weeks ago they said the end of the world was near and now you complain about acne?


2008-09-23 16:05:18

I'm sure the thailand experience will make up for the acne :D

have fun dude =D



2008-09-27 06:32:27

woot thailand! Have a safe trip! TC~!

Buy us a few souvenirs!! haha 8D


2008-09-27 18:50:18

Thailand, nice, 4-7 days? Could be back already xD
Btw bought your music, (registered on that site 3 times in 3 different ways before I was able to buy it! O.o The sites crap at telling you how to do things...) thought you could do with that little extra money. :D
Would of been nice if it was higher quality though, I was looking forward to 320kbs of audio godlyness! But alas no :(
Hopefully it'll be 320kbs on your new album releases *wink wink : nudge nudge* ;)
Keep it up!
Looking forward to your new releases.


2008-09-28 03:17:10

Of all the days to send you a PM, I picked the one that you left for Thailand. Excellent.


2008-10-01 00:40:27

Don't sweat it dude! Regardless of what ya look like, your still 10 times smexier than every other techno noob out there XD

Keep up the great beats, and dont let it get ya down!

(Why do you have to go to thailand to get the stuff? Couldnt they just send it?)


2008-11-02 20:23:00

poor guy