New picture

2010-08-11 07:13:23 by F-777

New picture up =). Still ugly as hell and actually its an old pic most
of you who talk to me on msn have seen it already but my previous
picture on newgrounds was just so annoying and i looked like a stuck
up basturd.

Anyways ill take a new pic soon, maybe ill go for a professional photoshoot
its pretty cheap here in China.


New picture


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2010-08-11 15:39:46

ur in china ?!!??!?!?!? lucky basturd i wanna travel but im broke as hell

F-777 responds:

Its not as cool as people think.
When you get cash come visit though =).


2010-08-13 02:54:44

New picture looks nice. Old one kind of made you look like a child molester.

F-777 responds:

I wouldnt know what a child molester looks like.


2010-08-14 17:55:12

About damn time, old pic was disturbing >.<

F-777 responds:

Oh grow up XD.
It wasn't disturbing at all.


2010-08-16 15:45:12

A tad gay though, but that's cool

lol'ing u

F-777 responds:

i love you kr1z haha


2010-08-22 19:55:21


F-777 responds:

Your hawt


2010-08-24 22:25:38

You look like your hugging yourelf...

Nice beard btw

F-777 responds:

Hugs w0000.

Thanks =)


2010-08-26 01:22:51

I thought you didn't like vertical text? ;0

F-777 responds:

I don't. =O


2010-08-31 05:40:15

Your Music is great! Do you take requests? If so could you remix the Super Sonic song from Sonic 2 (on the original Sega Genesis). I've searched the web for a remix of that song. I've only came across 1 or 2 (both were unworthy).

Your work is very catchy I've bookmarked this page to see what else you make! XD

F-777 responds:

Wow thanks so much!! Im quite busy at the moment with projects
but i will see what i can do =).

Thanks again!!!


2010-09-02 11:15:18

You probably remember me from about a year back. I asked for permission to use your songs in a game for class. Said game was never finished, but I am retaking the class again. So who knows, this time around it may actually be finished. lol.

-----------Craig G.

Ps: I would have sent this as a private message, but your mailbox is full. Oh and you should totally pose with your computer for the profile pic, just to add a finishing touch. ^.^


2010-09-03 04:11:37

Let me bear your children, kaythanks.


2010-09-03 18:00:25

Damn, you sexy
Espically with the beard!
-Osama Bin Steve


2010-09-05 13:47:04

YOU ARE MY IDOL MANNN. All of your songs are just incredible! The songs you make song so perfect and you can see all of the effort you put into them


2010-09-05 14:49:52

That so much more beast than the other pic. Iwantcheese was right. You did look like a child molester. And china!!!?!?!?!!!!!?!?!! ):<



2010-09-08 11:22:01

MAN!!!huge muscles...^^


2010-09-14 22:40:10

"BEARDS FTW"?!?! Was that always there or was it a response to my other comment???


2010-09-17 22:52:01

I disagree, you're a handsome young man, I think you'll be hot when you're grown up. Kind of look like Johnny Hazzard, without the tatts.