$8,700 worth gone. House broken into...3 laptops and camera gone.

2010-04-03 10:04:55 by F-777


My house was just broken into, we were broken into
about 3 weeks ago by a complex area guard but this time
3 laptops and a camera are gone.
Total = $8,700 of stuff stolen.
Anyways im trying to freelance some music work
if you need music for a game/movie or just a private
one for whatever please contact and hire me.

Also i have an album up for sale on:

Soundloud Music Store - Heavenly Tears Album
iTunes - Heavenly Tears Album

Another thing is im nearing the completion of
the "We Believe Album" if you would like to be emailed
when its out let me know by either.

1. Message your email address to me on newgrounds.
2. Email "Jessedude777@gmail.com" with your email.
3. Suscribe to my Youtube (JesseValentineMusic)

Also i will be posting a lot of songs on newgrounds for
free but i will also put up for sale as well for anyone who
wants to support.

Thanks everyone for your time. And also thank you all
for the last 3 years i have been on newgrounds you all
have helped me out with my music so much.

$8,700 worth gone. House broken into...3 laptops and camera gone.


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2010-04-03 10:44:44

My god!
Poor jesse & family :(
I'll try donating something whenever I can.

F-777 responds:

Thanks man ye things arnt going well for my family lately =(.


2010-04-03 11:09:49

I don't have any money I could give over. My donation is all words. I'm in this one with ya. If I could give anything to help, I would. I just hope that everything will work out. It will work out. Don't ever think it was your fault. You can get through this. Justice will be at hand.

F-777 responds:

Thanks man it means a lot.


2010-04-03 12:46:17

Did you report it to the police? Do you have burglary insurance?
If you do have some sort of insurance, you can probably get a fair bit back.

And if you haven't reported it to the police, DO SO.

F-777 responds:

Ye we called them right away did they the whole finger print deal and they are going to press forward and question a guard that broke in 3 weeks ago so its possible it was him.

No insurance =(. Hard to get for foreigners in china.


2010-04-03 13:56:17

This is what insurance is for. Sorry about your luck, but man if anyone is dumb enough to give donations to some random internet kid crying about stuff being stolen, then they are morons.

Tell your parents to get homeowners insurance. When I was in college and we rented out a house my roommate had insurance, which was handy because we were broken into and lost all our Wii stuff and random other things such as mp3 players and my backpack. But yea, tell your folks to get insurance next time and this won't even be an issue. Cause by now you would have brand new replacement stuff to replace what was stolen.

Best of luck.


F-777 responds:

Can't get insurance we are in china and we are here
on a visa.


2010-04-03 14:01:46

sucks man.

asking for donations on the internet, not classy.


2010-04-03 19:17:53

Thank God you are in China at least. They rival in forensics to the United States, and if anything, do you have the serial numbers to them? They might be able to track them that way.


2010-04-04 03:04:09

Hey brother... Man, I'm so sorry about all this.
I can't really donate, cause I'm not really of age with money.
But, I'll do what I can do and just pray for you and your family.
Sorry brother, I'll mention you as a prayer request too at my church.
We're all praying for you.
God bless bro.


2010-04-04 03:49:35

Sorry to hear that friend. I hope things turn out better.


2010-04-04 05:33:00

you can still get a job without a high school diploma, im getting an interview this week and im still in high school

in short: get a job and help your family out


2010-04-04 05:53:25

oh what a wonderful world

more and more I realize the sadness and annoyance I have for all of humanity as it fails to even realize what it really is, in the end humans are nothing more than animals of packs, I have no idea exactly what state the global economy is in, but I fear it may lead to loss of order, without money we are no longer a government, a controlled nation, havoc throughout the world is closer than it looks

I feel very sorry for you, sadly being 15 I can't do anything, but at least I can take from this how lucky I really am, just know you are not alone, there are many others who have experienced similar scenarios as you have, good luck, this world doesn't seem to give a shit about anything other than themselves and doesn't realize how fragile it is to imbalances that can tip things in the wrong direction


2010-04-04 09:43:01

Im so sorry!


2010-04-05 00:45:22

sorry man i hope u can make it out okay cuz i was like wth why isnt he making his awesome music I WANT MORE!? but i never focused on this so sorry man i hope u get some good money i might but the heavenly tears album for u =D even though i have it well cya


2010-04-05 00:48:41

COME BACK TO THE US if its that bad in china come back to USA


2010-04-05 07:33:53

Way to delete comments. http://bit.ly/apgSgo

F-777 responds:

Ya cause im not really interested on a huge
flame thingy on my newspost of people who
want to call me a liar.

Also my responses were pretty shitty and
wacked out with anger etc.

Sorry for any offense iv caused to you Mich
youv been a great guy to me these 3 years.

Im not lying but i do realise people don't
know my situation so asking for donations
seems like a low thing from everyone elses
point of view so im not asking anymore.


2010-04-05 16:26:18

That sucks jesse! Well i hope you get what you need man! Till then just keep on keeping on!


2010-04-06 03:56:26

OMG Jesse. I am so sorry. You have my support all the way jesse. We all care about you and will be there for you through thick and thin.


2010-04-06 19:14:36

If I possibly can I'll send 50 dollars your way, you're awesome.


2010-04-11 18:00:11

SON OF A MOMMADOG!! THAT'S BULLSHIT!! Dunno what else to say besides wish it hadn't happened, bro. I hope the assheads are caught and punished.


2010-04-13 14:57:13

Sorry to hear your house got busted into. I wish you luck in your freelancing gig.


2010-04-17 04:24:40

hello F-777,

sorry about your loss man. that really does suck. I'm not going to donate anything because I dont have a paypal and otherwise it would be a pain, and really dont know you that well- but if the "Beyond the Horizons" collab ever gets off the ground and actually sells, your welcome to collect any of my portion of the earnings even though that probably wont do much. i just wanted in for the exposure anyway.

I dont know how the original post looked but there is no shame in kindly asking for donations in your situation. You dont need to defend yourself. maybe your family could have been a bit wiser in saving up money seeing how theres 8 of you fellas and you have certain limitations in how you all can earn money. but people make mistakes or bad decisions and shit happens. The other people whose comments you have now deleted are a clusterfuck of belittling douchebags who try to convince themselves they're more than the faggots that they truly are. Firstly the "Haiti" album is just a ploy for attention while making themselves artificial "good guys" as I doubt they've donated shit in real life. Money and fame arent all that different. And secondly, just because they might of had it worse doesnt give them the justification of guilt-tripping your problems as if it's nothing. Because an African child is likely to have AIDS and get malaria, does that mean an American shouldnt recieve vaccinations for a strain of the flu? Since 1/3 of the world doesnt recieve sufficient education, is it wrong for a college student to ask for a loan or scholarship? Because the average middle class individual in regards to the entirety of the world's population doesn't have a permanent shelter should I take a wrecking ball to my two story house with a white picket fence? Since no one in Nepal can own a car, does that mean I should walk 25 miles every day to school? Because someone living in a war zone experiences death daily, should I just "deal" with my grandmother's passing? I could go on forever. If we kept try to minimize other peoples problems as nothing no one would have any problems at all. 1 n***a halfway around the globe always got it worse. Supposedly because since someone has it worse than us, we're not allowed to ask others for help. Society cant progress because we live in utopia when viewed through the eye of other cultures who havent developed properly within the past thousand years.

sorry to bring this back up but reading those comments pissed me off.


2010-04-17 04:26:25

I just came here to say that you should extend the deadline for the album to atleast 1 or 2 more months man. unless the majority of contributors already have their tracks finished.


2010-04-21 21:39:27

Bring the burglar to me so I can torture him.


2010-05-10 07:26:32

that seriously sucks!
i have gotten 300$ stolen from me, but thats not as NEARLY as much as you!
im very sorry for you!
whoever did this has NO BALLS! >:O


2010-05-16 00:17:45

Its awesome how you're still optimistic about the situation that was set upon your life and thats a very good personality you have. Hope good things begin to happen to smooth out this rough moment that has happen to you. Best wishes and continue with your great works of music.