Im 17!! Happy Birthday to me *singing* =D.

2010-03-28 06:31:17 by F-777

Well im officially 17 (March 28th, 2010) and that means i have been
making music for 3 years now =).

So aaannnnyyywwwaaayyysss since its my birthday...
...if you want to give me a present...DONATE TO ME AND
BUY MY ALBUM!!! dang...worth a shot.
On a SERIOUS note....

If you do care about me (which i doubt you do) this is what i want
everyone to do for my birthday.

Tell at least 5 people in your life that you look up to or that you are
impressed by or has a definite talent in something that...
...they are doing a great job.

People need to hear that =).

No don't do it by email jeez come on XD.
Haha anyways if anyone does this it would really make my birthday
awesome and message me or comment on this page if you do.
(Im curious as to how many people will do it)

Thanks everyone for your time and the awesome support
for the past 3 years, it really means a lot =).


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2010-03-28 08:16:29

I told everyone in my school about you before, so noone to tell them about you :(


2010-03-28 08:16:52

Happy birthday, Jesse! Congratulations on the milestone!
Okay... here goes. 5 people in my life that I look up to or are impressed by or have a definite talent:
#1 is my friend Will, whose skills on the flute are incredible,
#2 is a music teacher of mine whose dad just died. But he never missed a day of coming and teaching kids,
#3 is another friend of mine, Clifton, who now in addition to being an excellent athlete and drummer, is now on his way to a national math competition and a possible scholarship,
#4 is yet another friend of mine, whose name I probably shouldn't mention (but she writes songs infinitely better than I do),
and lastly #5 is an actor in a theatrical performance that I am in, Bill, and he is THE BEST EVER at acting and improvising.

As you can see, my life focuses around music a lot. :P Once again, happy birthday! Hope you make a lot of great songs this year.

(P.S. Not to be pushy, but is the Remix Newgrounds thing still going on? Don't answer if you don't want to.)


2010-03-28 09:56:30

happy birthday man! :D hehe i really want to give you something D: but i don't have money n__ñU sorry...


2010-03-28 11:38:39

Holy crap. I totally forgot that your birthday is the day after mine.


2010-03-28 13:01:24

Happy Birthday, Jesse! Your music is so great that I bought Heavenly Tears and listen to it to calm my mood while studying. By the way....crappy, crappy cover art for HT! What idiot drew that, eh?


2010-03-28 14:32:41

Dude, Happy B-day. hope you're music keeps getting better! Now, where's our present of more of your tunes? :P

I'm looking for the five folks. There's Argentia... Really appreciate her writing skill AND her drawing ability...
My Jack-Of-All-Trades best friend... He's doing a great job at procrastination! :P
Derrick, another great artist and friend.
Mr. Alexander, for his being a great parent to his kids, and a good friend and training buddy...
And... Last person, hmm.... Ah, no specific person... ALL THE DIGITAL FRIENDS I HAVE, BE THEIR SKILLS IN ART, MUSIC, OR WRITING!

And guess who's included in music? Yup Jesse... You'r doing an AWESOME JOB! Happy 17th!


2010-03-28 16:50:33

Happy Birthday ^^


2010-03-28 16:50:37



2010-03-28 18:40:20

Happy Birthday! Enjoy my 10 dollars, and I'll enjoy your 12 songs.


2010-03-28 21:19:06



2010-03-30 01:14:48

Happy birthday! i am 17 too and 25 days older than you. i thought you would be older like at least 20 you have such good musical talent!

the only person i looked up to was my oldest brother but two years ago he past away :(

by the way, when some people talk about famliy members that have died or something they say "late" before saying the name like "my late father" why is that? they were not late dying, they were early in dying so souldn't you say "early"?


2010-03-30 02:07:49

Happy Birthday (>^o^)> \(^_^)/ <(^o^<)


2010-03-31 15:47:11

Happy birthday!!! youve made some great music and progress through the years and im looking forward at the years to come! keep it up man. ^^


2010-04-02 01:15:49

Happy belated birthday. How nice of you to spend your wish making other people happy. I look up to your musical talents. Keep it up!