Song review requests.

2007-10-29 00:17:52 by F-777

If anyone would like a review on there song or some advice or somthing just pm me.

(The pic is my sister she asked me to take her picture with her nice clothes)

Song review requests.


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2007-10-29 06:31:21

Hey, I put up a new "Tetris Dance" track today, you could check that out if you like. I'm thinking of listening to your top ten list in your other news post, probably tomorrow, maybe the audio will be loading faster then.


2007-10-29 10:15:37

Is your little sister often annoying? Mine is (only my little brother is more annying).

F-777 responds:

no but i have 2 other sisters who are and 4 brothers who are annoying. =D


2007-10-29 23:51:41

She's a cutie 8)

F-777 responds:

Thanks ya she is.


2007-10-30 01:06:20

Oh my god, three sisters and 4 brothers? Wow.... o____o

Pretty big family lol.

F-777 responds:

yup and im the oldest =P.


2007-10-31 22:23:58

dude thanks for the Review!

and your music gets my 5's all day! every day, keep up the good work! your my hero! and happy halloween


F-777 responds:

Thanks for the 5's! And you have a happy halloween too =P


2007-10-31 23:20:50

Hey man, wondering if you could review my song 'heat of battle' or anyof my other songs u liek or think need work. I saw you review on the 'GL0W' song that is top 5 this week and u do a good job of reviewing, so i would like to hear your opinion on my humble work... =)

F-777 responds:

I reviewed all of them for you =D.

And thanks about the thing about me being good at reviews =D.


2007-11-02 22:08:50

I got a w.i.p. that needs some reviewing!

F-777 responds:

Will do as soon as i can =D.


2009-03-23 18:36:29

I'd fuck the shit out of your sister.