Making music again.

2009-01-21 05:50:30 by F-777

1,800+ Artist Favs!!! Thanks so much everyone!!
Ecstatic Air

I have started making music again.
I haven't fixed the huge issue in my life but you guys
made me realize that i shouldn't quit because making
music is something i love.

Things should start getting rough for me soon though
so i won't be exactly the #1 most active person on NG
but i am back and i am making music.

(Thank you all you guys for getting back up on my feet)
Ok just so you all know there are a lot of people out there
and i mean a LOT of people out there pretending to be me
by making a site with my name and posting my music so
here is a list of sites that are by the real me.

List: (of course)

Collab sites:
New Pic:
Im so ugly yay.

Making music again.


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2009-01-21 05:51:56

any time jesse :P you know we got your back!

F-777 responds:

Thanks man!


2009-01-21 14:06:12

Yaysome! I'm glad you're not stopping, and I, and I guess we all, wish you the best of luck with the times ahead. As Druid-Warcry said, we got your back man. So, best of luck, and get back on top soon.

F-777 responds:

Thanks man i appreciate it =).


2009-01-21 18:34:38

i wasnt too helpfull but im still glad you're back!!

F-777 responds:

Haha good ol kr1z.


2009-01-21 21:51:14

God gave you a gift, use it to his glory bud! to be honest I was surprised. I was like "he's having a rough time...and he's stopping writing?" :P That's usally when I write my best and most emotional stuff :) Keep up the great stuff, and feel free to take a break from us NGers, because in the grand scheme of thing, newgrounds is pretty trivial. God Bless! - Cobra151

F-777 responds:

Thanks man =). Ye your write though writing music does help.


2009-01-22 02:58:06

wahaha WB~!

F-777 responds:

Thanks Mydnite =).


2009-01-22 16:24:45

That's great news! Hope you can at least feel better about it.

F-777 responds:

I probably will never feel better about it but i have to make the best out of things. Thanks for the comment =).


2009-01-23 14:46:08

AWESOME MAN! I love your music! You are my biggest music idol!

F-777 responds:

Thansk man your musics good too!


2009-01-24 02:39:55

Hope everything works out for you. Love the music. Everytime I see a new song of yours I rejoice inside. You are one heck of a musician! Keep it up!

F-777 responds:

Thanks =).


2009-01-25 13:31:48

Hahahaha!Excellent man!Just trust us crazy computer geeks you've got a future in music!
Dude, you look a lot like on of my cousins.Ha...anyhoo, glad you're making music again!

F-777 responds:

Haha ya a lot of people are saying i look like someone they know =O.


2009-01-25 14:30:20

hello, hope you remember me, you said by my song hypersaw hills that i need to tell you when i get a new song, so here it is: n/206614

F-777 responds:

I will check it out ;).


2009-01-26 05:56:13

True! Are you really 15? Anyway im glad that you're back here. :D

F-777 responds:

Yep my B day is March 28, 1993 =).


2009-01-26 08:24:18

You are not 15 unless you show some kind of documentation. Seriously you look more like 30

F-777 responds:

Haha 30?! that means when i am actually 30 ill look like im 50 or somthing =(.
But yes i am 15 swear to God =).


2009-01-26 13:58:46

Ahaha, he's definitely more mature than most 15-year-olds from MSN conversations we've had. ^_^ Keep up the good work Jesse, we've got your back as we have and always will. Never give up the talent that you have.


PS, you didn't include the site I'm hosting for you. =P Haha. You should put more up there than just the store though. Good luck man.


2009-01-26 19:51:15

Whats up man? That sucks people are stealing your name and work. I think your one of the best artist on newgrounds. I'm sorry to here your life is going to get rough soon but i hope to still see you here on NG. Keep On Keepin On!



2009-01-26 21:23:54

Scared me there for a sec! Hadn't realized you left for a while :(

Glad you're back man


2009-01-26 23:08:57

SWEET ur back, now i can still pray for a collab between u n kris


2009-01-28 03:48:11



2009-01-29 00:38:47

Hey Jesse, you probably don't know me but you left such a nice review on one of my songs awhile back, and I just want to say it meant a lot to me. Whatever you're going through, you can push through it. Keep up the awesome work.


2009-01-29 01:46:52

HOW ARE YOU 15? You look older than me T_T


2009-01-29 07:30:11

In response to ur response, I say..."You must just have one of them familiar faces."
I still cain't for the life of me remember who it is you look like...but I'll be damned if it ain't similar!


2009-01-29 12:29:34

What the heck? 15 years old? Become a DJ!!!
It's too young man!
I love your music too much! Your composition style is special!


2009-01-29 15:56:00

hi again, have you look at my new number? (link in previous comment) if you have, plz comment with thinks i need to change. its difficult for me to make music becouse i have the demo of FL so i cant save so i need to set my computer in
stand by.. one question, have you made the We Believe serie in FL? And if you have the full version or the demo. and if you have can you make a tutorial of making music like you... :p

PS. I like your music, i downloaded a lot of song of you, (i've made a channel of you named "F-777" ^^)


2009-01-29 19:49:25

Wow, it's great to know you're staying. x3


2009-01-30 03:35:25

Youre newest song has an insane score, lulz.. But it was by far the best ive heard on NG... ^^


2016-09-19 21:26:11

Lookin Goooooooood.