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I am LOVING this new re-design. I hope you all enjoy my music as much as I love making it!


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Need custom music? :D

Posted by F-777 - December 11th, 2018

Hey everyone! Seeing as newgrounds has added the "open for commissions" feature I figured id let you all know im down to make custom music for cheap prices :D.

- (Average $25 - $75/song)

Im mainly known for my EDM music as F-777 but iv been composing for games and such for the past 8 years. I have not hit a genre I couldn't do so I am not limited to just my "F-777 style". Let me know if you need music and shoot me a message :).

(Ill update this post later w some F-777 and non-F-777 commissions I have done in the past).


Comments (13)

Yes pls

You're on my list of people to commission
I'm just not sure what to ask for yet ;-;

Awesome!! Feel free to message me anytime you think of something :D.

Awesome! I wish I could do the same but I've been off beat making for a little longer than I thought. Hopefully someday I can come back. Hope you make some money :3

Would you be open to mastering / adding to / remixing existing work?

Heck ya! :D

Well coming back to Newgrounds has made me face two things :
- I want to animate so bad
- I can't make music to save my life

I'll be following you, that may come to some use once I have some project scheming up.
First I need to listen to check your range! You're mainly into electronic sounds as I see?

I haven't that much money, but would be great if you make Kraken 2019 and upload it here :)

Hey, would you be able to make the theme music for my Gaming channel named Infin3on? also are you open for collaborations by any chance? Ive got a song I need some help with and it would really be awesome if I could collab with you, your my favorite artist.

Jesse made the music for The Deeper Sleep and I recommend working with him!

(btw any plans on putting Chinese Dance Machine Vol. 2 on Spotify? <3 )

I will play double for this

I'll be in touch with you soon my dude!~

hmm i might request a custom song just for fun xD my fav styles are dance, house, and dubstep

i bought ur music before.
but now i cannot listen to it ever again on this website :(

I'm interested (for an Animation soundtrack), check your inbox