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Hey guys! Feel free to add my Discord :D.
Discord ID: F-777#2592
Blizzard ID: F777#1703
Geometry Dash Account: F777OFFICIAL

27, Male

Electronic Musician


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Yes pls

You're on my list of people to commission
I'm just not sure what to ask for yet ;-;

Awesome!! Feel free to message me anytime you think of something :D.

Awesome! I wish I could do the same but I've been off beat making for a little longer than I thought. Hopefully someday I can come back. Hope you make some money :3

Would you be open to mastering / adding to / remixing existing work?

Heck ya! :D

Well coming back to Newgrounds has made me face two things :
- I want to animate so bad
- I can't make music to save my life

I'll be following you, that may come to some use once I have some project scheming up.
First I need to listen to check your range! You're mainly into electronic sounds as I see?

I haven't that much money, but would be great if you make Kraken 2019 and upload it here :)

Hey, would you be able to make the theme music for my Gaming channel named Infin3on? also are you open for collaborations by any chance? Ive got a song I need some help with and it would really be awesome if I could collab with you, your my favorite artist.

Jesse made the music for The Deeper Sleep and I recommend working with him!

(btw any plans on putting Chinese Dance Machine Vol. 2 on Spotify? <3 )

I will play double for this

I'll be in touch with you soon my dude!~

hmm i might request a custom song just for fun xD my fav styles are dance, house, and dubstep

i bought ur music before.
but now i cannot listen to it ever again on this website :(

I'm interested (for an Animation soundtrack), check your inbox

You still alive my dude? Haven't spoke to you since "Techno Meets Hip Hop"

I'm going to get back into music producing again. I'm about to release an instrumental album this summer.

Def gotta keep in contact old friend. Things are going good for me on my side.

Can I use deadlocked for audio I want to make??

To simplify things on a major level: I'm a writer and I draw inspiration from music for my characters. For example: one of my more villainous characters was actually inspired by your track "Gentleman Showdown". He is one of those characters that pretends to be a protagonist, but reveals himself to be an antagonist in the end. And he is by far one of my best characters. There's also the main character of the other story inspired by "Dance of The Violins".

So, with that, I began thinking: what if I got someone to make music inspired by my characters instead of the other way around? Now I'm not in any financial position to be able to afford that, but later on: you will definitely be kept in mind as one of the perfect people for the job.

I Don't need custom music, but I'd really want to have your Heavenly Tears Album ( dating 2009 ) but I follow you since 5 years and I have bought your albums just few months ago ; I can't buy this album because Soundloud has been closed and there is only Destructo Dance and Memories ( 2011 Arrangement ) on your "Jesse Valentine ( F-777)" iTunes account. I'd also want to buy your music "Saying Goodbye" from Synthetica EP, also unfindable. So can you sell these titles on a living website like Bancamp, iTunes or Google Play ? I love your music even if I prefer your 2008-09-10's songs. In all cases thank you very well for your hits. It would be so nice if you could acces to my request.

PS : I am french and 16 ; no surprise for my English errors !

Hey dude,

I don't really want the custom songs but do you mind showing me how to make music myself? If you don't agree that's totally fine by me

How about a remake of seven seas(your old GD Meltdown song)
I really would want to hear It

how much does it cost to use deadlocked in a youtube video

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